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Advance Sigma 8 review by Greg Hamerton

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Advance Sigma 8 review by Greg Hamerton

The Sigma 8 is supposed to be “a top-performance intermediate with a high fun-factor ... with sportiness and dynamic handling paired with performance”. In other words it’s intended for the majority of the kind of pilots that leave the hill and go exploring. We’ve been around a few years and we’ve seen the marketing hype before. We probably aren’t going to buy a wing without being outflown by it first, so it has to really deliver on its promises and be a pleasure to fly...

I've had some soaring and thermaling flights on the Sigma 8, and a few short XCs. I’ve done enough reviewing now to be able to judge the character of a wing just by sniffing it. I don’t need more than a few hours of testing to know a dog from an angel, or what their weaknesses will be...

The brakes are light at first, but there’s a definite pull from ¼ brakes onwards. There is no tendency to spin, or to dive into turns. Cornering gave me the impression of power-steering control; it’s very smooth...

The pulleys first give you a 3:1 system, then become 2:1 (harder to push). This is nice because you have less power when your legs are bent, but extended flying on a 2:1 pulley can become tiring. However, the full speedbar pressure is quite comfortable...

It’s an angel. It will keep you safe while exploring your limits. It requires some experience to get the most out of its quiet feedback and potential to be flown beyond its ‘calm zone’, but while you’re developing your skills it will keep you up with the pack without a doubt...

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