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Gin Genie Race 3 harness - coming soon

The Gin Genie Race 3 is the new racing harness from Gin Gliders. It is significantly lighter than the Race 2 and uses Edelrid buckles to allow thin webbing straps to be used.

It was designed and developed by PWC Champion Aaron Durogati. In developing the new racing harness, the Gin team used extensive wind tunnel testing and incorporated input from respected aerodynamicist and competition pilot Adrian Thomas to create a design that offers maximum performance by reducing drag forces in the cleanest profile flow ever produced by Gin.

The harness includes useful features like a hook knife in the shoulder pocket and big zip pockets on the side. It has a front mounted reserve, and second reserve beneath the seat, secured with plastic wire pin releases and a magnetic closure flap.

Find out more >

Gin Genie Race 3

Skywalk Range Air Ultralight Harness

The Skywalk lightweight pod harness RANGE AIR scores high marks for safety with EN/LTF certification, yet it has a tiny packing volume because it is entirely air-inflated. Tested by the world’s toughest adventurers during the X-Alps 2013, the 1,9 kg serial version is a must have for pilots who want to optimize their equipment in terms of weight and aerodynamics. It has a 'hammock style' single layer seat, designed to offer hours of relaxed flying. The aerodynamic rear section was optimized in the Daimler wind tunnel. It inflates via the small lateral scoops and helps smoothen the airflow behind the pilot to 'significantly reduce' the aerodynamic drag. Find out more >


Skywalk Range Air

Kortel Kockpit Safe: A Klever Solution

When using a flight deck, there is a real risk of forgetting to fasten the legstraps. Several fatal accidents have happened despite modern harness systems that ensure at least one legstrap must be connected to be able to launch. The problem is that once a cockpit is in place, you lose visual contact with your straps and launching is possible without being attached.

Kortel Design has taken this risk into account in its range of harnesses and now offer the solution as a standalone flight deck: the Kockpit Safe.

It can be mounted on any harness and it will keep you secured even if all others straps have been forgotten because its single attachment system allows you to connect one of the leg straps to the 2 main karabiners. From the moment the Kockpit Safe is attached, the pilot can no longer fall from the harness. When tested in a Kortel Kuik II Kokon harness and used as the only means to secure the pilot, it holds over 700kg, which means it would comply with the EN 1651 standard.

Kockpit Safe

The Kockpit Safe has an upper instruments deck with a magnetic lid to protect your instruments post flight, and a lower pocket (3-4 litres capacity) for a ballast bag or other small essentials. It can be anchored on the harness waist strap, and straps on either side can be used to adjust the angle for better visibility.

More info on http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/kortel-kockpit-safe

Lazer Element helmet

The Element is an affordable entry-level paragliding helmet from a trusted manufacturer. It comes in 2 shell sizes, which are adjustable using removable/washable foam pads. Available in white only.

Available from http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/lazer-element

Lazer Element helmet

Gin Atlas X-Alps in production!

The Atlas X-Alps—the light version of the Atlas—is here. Aimed at intermediate pilots looking for a light and compact wing, the Atlas X-Alps is around 1kg lighter than the Atlas with improved flying characteristics all-round.

S, M and L sizes are in production and available now.

More details: http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/gin-gliders-atlas-x-alps

Atlas X-Alps

Skywalk CULT3 harness safety notice

Skywalk issued a safety notice for CULT3 harness reserve handle pins. Only one size has been detected with a problem but it's worth checking your serial number against the list on http://bit.ly/1lkl8gf

Skywalk Cult 3


Naviter Oudie 3 - important firmware update: version 5.2

As with all modern hi-tech devices, it's important to keep your Oudie 3 up to date so you can benefit from the latest features and bug fixes. Updates are free an easy! 

PC users: Update using Oudie Updater (very easy)

Mac users: Update using the manual method (easy)

Team pilot wins British Open

Flybubble team pilot Emile Van-Wyk won the 2014 British Open paragliding competition in Italy, flying an Ozone Enzo (yes, the original one).

1 Emile Van-Wyk       GBR    Ozone Enzo

2 Damien LACAZE    FRA     Ozone Enzo

3 Kirsty Cameron      GBR    Ozone Enzo 2

This was also the first round of the British Championships.

Well done to top female pilots Kirsty Cameron (3rd place overall) and Nicole Fedele (7th overall).
Congrats also to Flybubble team pilot Malin Lobb for doing well in his first ever international competition on brand new Niviuk Peak 3.

Find out more

Results - British Paragliding Championships 2014 Italy

British Championships website

British Team Paragliding blog

Emile van Wyk

Swing Connect Reverse EVO

Swing's best-selling convertible harness is now available as a completely revised new version.

Says Swing "We have kept the proven and well tested features, as e.g. the carrying system by the alpine backpack specialist Deuter. In the further development and optimization, we have listened to our customers and invested a lot of time. We proudly present the result: proven and well tested, but much better."

The Connect Reverse Evo is a modern, functional and comfortable harness with an integrated rucksack. The X-frame system with curved profile aluminium stays provides exceptional weight carrying ability. Together with the anatomic hip belt, with bi-laminate foam, it provides for comfort, flexibility and weight transfer and ensures that the 'felt weight' is noticeably reduced.

The Connect Reverse is ideal for those looking for a durable and comfortable harness with low weight for Hike & Fly, extended Vol-Biv adventures or simply for flying pleasure.

More info on: http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/swing-connect-reverse-evo

Swing Connect Reverse EVO

Nova TRITON 2 (EN C)

Nova says that their new TRITON 2 (EN C) is “the highest performing wing we have ever produced. Our goal wasn't just excellent performance in still air – the wing had to set a benchmark with regard to handling, safety and usable performance (gliding in turbulent air). We wanted to produce the ultimate cross-country machine.”

In terms of pilot skill requirement, the TRITON 2 is comparable to its predecessor, the TRITON 1. During certification testing Nova did not use folding lines. Rods are only used in the leading edge. With a flat aspect ratio of 6.4, the TRITON 2 is clearly a high performance wing and is suitable only for very experienced pilots.

More info: http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/nova-triton-2


Fresh thermals at FLYTEC

The Flytec 7030 will not be produced as announced previously. Flytec's new manager, Jorg Ewald has said: "I will inform you over the next few weeks in detail about the future Flytec devices." See the full official announcement from Flytec below:


Dear Flytec friends

After 31 years, the time has come to pass on Flytec's management to a new generation. We are pleased to introduce today Jorg Ewald as our successor. Jorg is an active paraglider pilot with a broad technical background. For us it was important to hand over to someone who will keep our vision for the company alive. We want Flytec to continue inventing and building the technical tools that allow paraglider pilots, hang glider pilots and balloonists to realise their flying dreams.

The two of us will remain connected with Flytec, but will withdraw from the daily business over the next few months. Therefore already now a big thank you to all of your for a great collaboration over all these years. But we will certainly be in frequent personal touch with most of you in the near future.

Peter "Jodok" Joder, founder

Lorenz "Lenz" Camenzind, manager


Jorg Ewald introduction:


I already had the pleasure of meeting some of you over those 22 years that I've been a pilot now.

Most of you will probably never have heard of me, so here's a quick introduction: I grew up in the east of Switzerland, partially on a glider port. I've been flying paragliders since 1992, participate in the World Cup since 2004 and was part of the Swiss National Team in 2010. Whenever weather and agenda allow, I go out for cross-country flights, my furthest so far took me 212 km over the Swiss Alps.

In 1995, I graduated from ETH Zürich, in software engineering. From then on I worked for multiple companies, in Switzerland and in the United States, as a software engineer, project manager and team lead. After a second degree from ETH Zürich, in technology management, I became product manager for a security software brand. In my most recent position I advised companies on implementing their online business projects.

At Flytec, I will now be able to combine those two worlds, flying and technology. Making the joy of flight easy to experience, thanks to modern technology. That will always be Flytec's goal.

In order to reach a goal, it is sometimes necessary to thermal up a bit further than initially planned. That's the case now with our new generation of variometers. After intensive tests, we came to the conclusion that the new devices offer enormous possibilities to make flying easier for pilots. We want to use those possibilities better before bringing the devices to market.

That means that the Flytec 7030 will not be produced as announced previously. I will inform you over the next few weeks in detail about the future Flytec devices.

Until then, the message to the Flytec customers is that we are working on great devices, but need a little bit more time to wrap up the development. Flytec wants to produce variometers that excite us, which we love to fly with ourselves. Our standards are very high, and to meet them, we thermal up a bit more now. It will be worth it.

Jorg Ewald


Will we see something similar to the Flytec 7030 or will Flytec go in a new exciting direction? Watch this space.

Flytec 7030

Gin FUSE: New tandem with EPT

The Fuse is Gin Gliders' new tandem wing for pro tandem pilots—available now.

The Fuse contains the same EPT (Equalized Pressure Technology) that’s at the heart of their XC wing, the Carrera. EPT means a better launch, a better landing and a better flight all-round! The Fuse is both reliable and efficient for commercial use, yet makes no compromises when flown for pure pleasure.

More details: http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/gin-gliders-fuse


GIN Atlas X-Alps certified, in production

The GIN Atlas X-Alps—the light version of the Atlas—is here. Aimed at intermediate pilots looking for a light and compact wing, the Atlas X-Alps is around 1kg lighter than the Atlas with improved flying characteristics all-round. S, M and L sizes are in production and available now.

More details: http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/gin-gliders-atlas-x-alps
Gin Atlas X-Alps

Syride SYS'Nav (83g alti-vario-GPS)

The lightest complete navigation instrument on the market, the SYS'Nav contains some great features for competition and XC pilots.

A 2D map shows airspaces, waypoints, real-time-computed optimized route, and mountains around you to increase your safety. Areas that are between 0 and 300m heigh over your current altitude are shown in light grey, whereas areas that are over 300m heigh from your current altitude are shown in dark grey.

AGL airspace altitudes are handled thanks to topography support as well.

The really exceptional feature: it weighs 83 grams! Find out more >


Syride SYS'Nav

Flymaster - New SD Series

Flymaster is proud to present the new series of flight instruments. The new series comprises of:

  • VARIO SD: no GPS module

  • GPS SD: for XC pilots

  • GPS SD+: includes a GSM module for Live Tracking and other safety functions

  • NAV SD: for competition pilots

  • LIVE SD: top of the range flight instrument

Compared with the previous series, the new series has a new look, more robust (new shock absorbing system which makes the display almost unbreakable), includes 6-degrees of freedom Tilt-compensated Compass and SD Card which provides extended memory. More »

Cross Country Magazine reviewed the Naviter Oudie 3

This brilliant all-in-one flight instrument is available now from Flybubble at http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/naviter-oudie-3

Oudie 3


XCertina Bag Mk 4

The XCertina bag helps you fold your paraglider quickly whilst protecting the delicate parts. Featuring a new riser pocket and bigger sock, with a 2-way zipper and handy compression strap.

XCertina MK 4

Gin Yeti Front Container

Weighing only 180g, the Yeti front container has an integrated bridle and hang loops to neatly and conveniently attach your Yeti rescue to your main carabiners.

Gin Yeti Front Container


New bags from Sup'air

New bags from Sup'air

Sup'Air have released three new bags:
The Sup'Air XA 13 Backpack is a light, functional hike-and-fly race backpack, developed for the X-Alps 2013.
The Sup'Air Bird 150 Backpack is a large (150L) backpack for a tandem or bulky solo kit
The Sup'Air Tandem Stuff-Bag provides tandem pilots with a quick pack that can be carried like a backpack.
Flybubble is the Sup'Air distributor and main dealer for the UK South. We hold stock and provide fast reliable supply.

Sup'Air XA13 harness in stock

We've just received our first Sup'Air XA 13 in stock. It is an ultra-lightweight (approx. 2370 g) seatplateless pod harness which is both EN and LTF certified. It offers both foam and air bag protection, and an integrated front reserve container with flight deck. The first pilot to try the XA 13 ordered one! http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/sup-air-xa13

Sup'air XA13

Icaro Nerv helmets now available

The new ICARO NERV is a light, comfortable and modern helmet with EN966 certification and a very strong polycarbonate shell. Made in Italy. http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/icaro-nerv

Icaro NERV

Advance Progress 2 harness in stock

We've received our first PROGRESS 2 seatplateless reversible harness-rucksack in stock. Advance raise the bar yet again with an innovative, top quality product! Very comfortable to sit in, with a very nice feeling. Extremely comfortable rucksack with lots of useful features. Lots of clever features and details which make it a pleasure to use. As always with Advance, the build quality is absolutely top-notch - like a work of art! We like it a lot. Find out more: http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/advance-progress-2

Advance Progress 2

SeeYou Mobile v 5.16 available - update your Oudie 3!

Naviter have released version 5.16 of SeeYou Mobile - the fantastic gliding software that the Oudie 3 uses - which includes the fix for the UK Paragliding XC League. The differences are minor for paraglider pilots, except the UKPGXCL fix.

Update your Oudie using the Oudie Updater

We have the brilliant Oudie 3 in stock!

Sup'Air Safety Warning: Harness-Reserve Handles E2 & E2L

A few reserve parachute deployment handles on the following Sup'Air harnesses had a manufacturing defect: SKYPPER, EVO XC2, SHAMANE and SHAMANE FR. If you have one of these harnesses then you should download, read and act upon the full safety warning dated 15/04/2014 (see download link below).

If you think your reserve handle is one of the defective ones then you should contact the dealer you purchased your harness from to arrange for a replacement. Otherwise you can buy a new reserve handle.

Kudos once again to Sup'Air for being proactive about issuing safety notices!

Download safety warning (PDF 126KB)

For the hang gliding and paragliding community Combe Gibbet and the cross-country path that leads from it is something very precious. It is the epic cross country site in the South of England. TAG Farnborough specialises in executive air transport, and they are proposing to grab a massive area of airspace that will shut down our XC routes and limit our altitudes. Find out how you can oppose them >

Memory-Map OS 1:50k GB 2014 HD

High definition OS Landranger 1:50,000 maps for the whole of Great Britain. Use these detailed OS maps to plan walks, mountain bike trails, print your own maps and program routes and waypoints into a GPS.

More info >

Memory Map 0S 1:50k GB 2014 HD

Advance Softshell Jacket

These elegantly cut leisure jackets are wind and water resistant. Made from very breathable two-ply fabric, they have side ventilation zips under the arms, a detachable hood, fastening cuffs, adjustable hem and side pockets. 

Advance Softshell jackets are available to order now! More information on http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/advance-softshell-jacket

Advance Softshell Jacket

Sup'air EVO XC3 (harness)

A streamlined design for freeflying, XC and competitions, the new EVO XC3 is a great choice for all levels of pilots. Including the trustworthy Bumpair 17 XC dorsal protection, it's an extremely comfortable harness.

The optional Speedbag enables a progression toward performance flying (and added warmth).

Available to order now! More info on http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/sup-air-evo-xc3

Sup'air EVO XC3

Ozone RUSH 4 (EN B)

The Ozone Rush 4 is the Delta 2’s little brother. A high-end EN B design that features Ozone's SharkNose profile to provide better performance and stability with 25% reduction in line drag compared to its predecessor. 

It is available to order now! Find out more on http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/ozone-rush-4

Ozone Rush 4

A Sup'air Evening - 25th April

A special event featuring project manager JC Skiera and X-Alps sensation, Clément Latour.  More »

Sup'air SORA Tandem Paraglider

After decades of producing the world's leading harnesses and flight accessories, Sup'air have released their first paragliding wing!

Pierre-Yves Alloix joined Sup’air to develop the new range. He worked with Bruce Goldsmith at Airwave and also developed the Escape range of wings. He believes that a tandem wing for professionals is the most complicated design and requires the most focus.

"There is no room for compromise," he explained.

More info on http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/sup-air-sora

Advance SIGMA 9 - coming soon!

The development of the new ADVANCE SIGMA 9 is completed. EN certification flight tests are well underway, and we estimate that first SIGMA 9 deliveries will take place at the end of April 2014! 

Naviter Oudie 3 Droplet - coming soon!

Announcing the Oudie 3 for Hang Gliding! All the great features of the Oudie 3, now available for hang glider pilots in a specially designed fully integrated instrument racing pod with integrated pitot tube. More »

Syride March Giveaway

Syride February Giveaway

Win lightweight Syride varios and more ... More »

FLYTEC 7030 - due for release in 2014!

Flytec have officially announced to Flybubble that their new high-end flight instrument, the 7030 will be released in 2014... More »

Advance PROGRESS 2 - coming soon

Development of the new ADVANCE PROGRESS 2 is complete. The light and very comfortable 3.5 kg reversible harness is coming soon... More »

SeeYou Mobile 5 - Update your Oudie 3

The latest version of SeeYou Mobile has so many new features they are impossible to list here... More »

Oudie Updater

Keep your Naviter Oudie updated at all times! More »

SeeYou 6 released!

Many significant improvements for SeeYou are on the way although not yet prominently visible in this version. Read more about what's new in SeeYou 6 already... More »

XC Development Workshops with Pat Dower

We are delighted to announce a new collaboration with Pat Dower to offer a special event in the South of England. More >

SHGC XC League 2013 Winners

The 2013 Southern Hang Gliding Club (SHGC) cross country (XC) season was a considerable improvement on 2012, as the numbers in the SHGC XC Leagues clearly show... More >

25 years of ADVANCE – and the story continues

2013 has come to an end, and ADVANCE can look back on an exceptionally successful year... More >

Flybubble Newsletter December 2013

Flybubble News: Active Flying, Gear Reviews and Christmas Deals! Read all about it.

New Sup'Air tandem paraglider

As previously announced at the Coupe Icare 2013, the SUPAIR R&D team has been hard on a new line of gliders, among which a tandem wing to be unveiled early next season...

Nova Mentor 3 Light EN B Paraglider

NOVA's new lightweight EN B-wing, the MENTOR 3 LIGHT is now in production. The new wing is a lightweight design but fully suitable for everyday use. It's NOT an ultra-lightweight, made of fragile construction exclusively for Hike & Fly. Almost all significant constructive parameters are identical to the standard Mentor 3 - as are performance, handling and safety. However, it weighs considerably less. 

New World Record to declared Goal: 423.5km!

Latest news from Quixada (Brazil), where the Abac Team pilot Honorin Hamard set the new Straight Distance World Record to a Declared Goal flying 423.5km on his Niviuk Icepeak 6...

Syride demos available at Flybubble!

What are the latest ultra-lightweight flight instruments from Syride really like? Find out for yourself! We have demos of the new Syride Sys'Alti and Syride Sys'GPS available exclusively for Flybubble customers to try...

Rescue installation advice for GIN harnesses

Gin Gliders have become aware of that in certain test scenarios, deployment of a rescue parachute can become more difficult than in the static scenario used in the certification process. This is especially so with customers using non-Gin Gliders rescues with larger packing volumes.

Skywalk Masala 2 - Mountain Glider

This EN A certified mountain glider suits beginner pilots as well as experienced hike&fly adventurers, looking for a reliable and compact companion with enough performance to launch and fly safely even in the roughest terrain. Starting from only 2.7 kg, the combination of latest technologies and light but still durable fabrics ensures, that you will be able to enjoy the agile handling of the ultra-light MASALA2 in every situation.

Syride Sys'GPS - ultra-light Alti-Vario-GPS

SYS'GPS is one of the latest ultra-lightweight flight instruments from Syride. It's an Alti-Vario-GPS which includes latest technologies, unique features and a large fully customizable backlit screen thanks to Syride's Screen Configuration Tool (SSC).
More: Syride Sys'GPS

Niviuk Artik 3 - Special Offer

The Artik 4 is coming soon. So the Artik 3 is now on sale! 
Limited sizes and colours available. 
First come, first served. When they're gone, they're gone! 
Carlo @ Flybubble: "The Artik 3 is a fantastic XC wing - I love it!"

Find out more here.

398km on an EN B wing: Skywalk CHILI3!

Paraglider pilot Burkhard Martens ("Burki") broke the German "open distance" paragliding record twice in a row from the infamous flying site "Quixada" in Brazil on his EN B wing, a Skywalk CHILI3...

Digifly end of season sale!

Digifly end of season SALE! Only whilst stocks last.

Sup'Air Safety Notice: Carbon Fiber Seat Plates

Sup'Air have  noticed  that  a  few  pilots  have  been  unknowingly  flying  with  broken  or  damaged  carbon  fiber  seat  plates,  due  to  wear  and  tear,  impacts,  etc.

Carbon  fiber  is  very  abrasive  and sharp;  it  could  injure  the  pilot  or  abrade/cut/damage  the  webbing  and  degrade the overall  harness  structural  integrity.

More: Sup'Air Safety Notice: Carbon Fiber Seat Plates

Flybubble Newsletter November 2013

Waaay better than CNN ... it's Flybubble News!

Flybubble Spain trips October 2013 report

In short, our Spain trips were fantastic with lots of great flying, mostly fabulous weather and a lovely bunch of people!

Flybubble Newsletter October 2013

Catch up with the latest Flybubble news here.

Naviter Oudie 3 all-in-one flight instrument

Flybubble have been appointed sole UK distributors of Naviter's new Oudie 3 flight instrument, an all-in-one Alti-Vario and GPS navigation device for paragliding and hang gliding.

Flybubble Newsletter September 2013

The September edition of Flybubble News is here!

Flybubble Newsletter August 2013

30 degrees+? It must be summer! The August 2013 edition of the Flybubble Newsletter is all about sharing the love.

Flybubble Newsletter July 2013

The July 2013 edition of the Flybubble newsletter has been released from captivity and into the WILD! Catch a glimpse of it while you still can...

Flybubble Newsletter June 2013

We had to lock our editor in the basement so you could get this newsletter! In this edition: Our latest XC Secrets video, Team Action and Using Outside Brake... plus lots more!

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Flybubble Newsletter May 2013

In our newsletter this month, we show you how to avoid The Downwind Devil, we review the Epsilon 7 and Digifly Leonardo Pro and share some successes from the early flying season...

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Flybubble Newsletter April 2013

In the April 2013 edition of our Flybubble we show you how to fly a triangle, we review the eyecatching Chili 3 and the amazing Atlas, bring you the latest news from Ozone, Gin, Skywalk, Nova, Advance and more!

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Nova Wings News Spring 2013

Spring 2013 news from Nova Wings...

MENTOR 3: Same as before - but much better!
• TEST-PILOTS CORNER: What is 3D-Shaping?
• NEW PILOT'S HELMET: Nova Loop (Charly Loop)
• X-ALPS 2013: Nova Pilots
• NOVA XC-CHECKLIST: Don't forget important equipment

Ozone News Spring 2013

News from Ozone...

2013 is off to an exciting start here at Ozone, and we have quite a few new products now in production. Read on to find out more about our newest accessories...

Skywalk Paragliders News

News from Skywalk Paragliders...
Starting into the new season!
Winter continues its hold on us, but we are certain that soon the first warm rays of the spring thermals will open the door and free our launch sites from their snowy cover. You will be optimally prepared for all conditions with the 2013 product range from skywalk!


Ascent H1 Vario with GPS software & firmware updates

News from Ascent...

Since the launch of our GPS enabled H1 vario, we've been hard at work on firmware and PC software improvements that you should be aware of...

Flybubble Spain Flying Start Paragliding Course March 2013

Our last Paragliding Club Pilot Course in Algodonales (southern Spain) was completed successfully, despite a rainy couple of days...

Gin Gliders 2013: new season, new technology, new Atlas

News from Gin Gliders:

We've had a great start to 2013—the Boomerang 9 has topped the podiums with wins for Aaron Durogati in the Paragliding World Cup Superfinal, Andre Rainsford in PWC South Africa and GIN test pilot Kaoru "Ogi" Ogisawa in the Japanese league.

Much of the success of the Boomerang 9 is due to our new EPT technology. And this technology is now available to all pilots in the Atlas, our new easy EN B wing.

Advance PI and EASINESS review in Cross Country Magazine

News from Advance:

Our light wing PI met a big success since we launched it last year. It is not made only for pilots hiking in high mountains; it is also dedicated to all pilots who were traveling without a glider before the PI arrived. Now there is no reason to go somewhere without a wing! Of course the best package is with the EASINESS harness.

We are very pleased to inform you that Cross Country magazine (XC Mag) published in issue 146 (March/April 2013) a great review of the PI and EASINESS...


We invite you to take part in the second Foot or Flybubble challenge!

Using only your feet or your wing, link the selected launch sites in the closed circuit. Any day in May, June or July counts, between sunrise and sunset. The best attempt wins (longest then fastest around the course).

Sup'Air Safety Warning :: Delight harness reserve extraction

Sup'Air have issued an safety warning for their Delight harness...

Sup'Air DELIGHT harness

We have noticed possible reserve parachute extraction issues on this model.
The reserve parachute extraction can be influenced by multiple factors described as follows :

  • The reserve parachute's volume.

  • How fully packed the reserve parachute containers adjacent storage pockets are.

  • The direction the handle pull is pulled.

Our tests and feedbacks by test-pilots have demonstrated that the extraction made with certain models was facilitated by using removable foam pads placed inside the reserve parachute pocket.

You can contact your SUP'AIR dealer (who you bought your Delight harness from) or SUP'AIR FRANCE directly sav@supair.com to receive the reserve parachute container foam PADS free of charge.
You absolutely must conduct an extraction sequence during a hang-test simulating a full flight mode ( storage pocket filled with your backpack, clothing and miscellaneous items… ).

We will ask to all DELIGHT owners to install those removable pads if necessary to validate a correct reserve parachute extraction procedure.

Download the Safety Warning (PDF, 634KB)

Air Turquoise refuse to test competition wings

Following CIVL's decision to create a new paraglider competition class from 2015, one of the main paraglider certification houses, Air Turquoise in Switzerland, has come to a decision to immediately stop certification of what they are calling "Gun" competition (aka 'high-end D') paragliders...

Flybubble Newsletter March 2013

Hooray, our newsletter is done, and it's a cracker!

In this edition...

  • FLYBABBLE: news from the school and beyond

  • XC Secrets: avoiding dead air

  • Wing review: Nova Mentor 3

  • The Good Stuff: wings, harnesses, new products

  • Upcoming Courses: in the UK and Spain

  • Parting Shots: your freeflying fix

Read our March 2013 Newsletter

New Firmware for Flymaster GPS, NAV and LIVE

New firmware has been launched for ​​​​Flymaster GPS, NAV and LIVE.

This new version includes several updates, namely:

  • Trace plots climb in darker lines.

  • Added track-up on task map.

  • New page browser allows switching between pages through a menu, also allows pages to be enabled or disabled directly on the instrument.

  • Start gates now take safety margin into account.

  • Expanded airspace storage capacity four fold.

  • Several minor bug corrections and translation improvements.


Download the new Firmware from the Flymaster website on the product page under Downloads.

Advance and Nova to work together

Advance and Nova have announced that they have decided on a close strategic cooperation in development and production, whilst each company will retain their brand independence...

Flybubble Newsletter February 2013

Welcome to our February 2013 newsletter ... designed to fit in your pocket, so you can take the good news with you.

In this edition...

  • FLYBABBLE: news from the school and beyond

  • XC Secrets: Flying fast(er)

  • The Good Stuff: wings, harnesses, new products

  • Upcoming Courses: in the UK and Spain

  • Parting Shots: freeflying links you'll enjoy

Read our February 2013 newsletter

Gin Gliders Atlas low-end EN-B wing

Introducing the new low-end EN-B wing from Gin Gliders, suitable for beginning to intermediate pilots, the Atlas. In terms of comfort, ease-of-use and safety, the Atlas sits at the lower end of the EN B class. Yet the climb and glide performance in challenging conditions is ideal for long XC flights and has to be experienced to be believed.

Find out more about the Gin Gliders Atlas

Advance EPSILON 7 mid-range EN-B

News from Advance 06/02/2013: "The leisure intermediate EPSILON 7 is in its final test phase. Testing is going along to our complete satisfaction, and the ADVANCE test team is very pleased with the new product!"

Find out more about the Advance EPSILON 7

Aaron Durogati PWC Champion on Gin Boomerang 9

GIN factory pilot Aaron Durogati (I) flew his Boomerang 9 to victory in the Paragliding World Cup (PWC) Superfinal, held in Roldanillo, Colombia 15-26th January 2013. Congratulations, Aaron!

Flybubble Newsletter January 2013

The January 2013 edition of the Flybubble newsletter is out ...

In this edition...


  • XC Secrets: Flying slow(er)

  • The Good Stuff

  • Upcoming Courses and Trips

  • Parting Shots

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Flybubble Prizes UK PG XC League 2012

Last year we sponsored the United Kingdom Paragliding Cross Country League with prizes for the top 10 pilots in the Weekend League flying an EN C wing (or below).

SHGC XC League 2012 Winners

The 2012 Southern Hang Gliding Club (SHGC) cross country (XC) season wasn't the best in terms of the number of XC-able days, especially in the south of the United Kingdom (there seemed to be quite a bit more "Oop North" this year) but then there were some real corkers on some days. Many pilots managed to achieve first XCs and personal bests, some big XC flights dreamt of for many years became a reality (and then some), and even a long-standing British XC record was broken!

Skywalk Chili 3 high-end EN-B wing

The Skywalk CHILI3 has successfully completed EN B certification in size M. This new high-end B wing should be available by the end of January 2013, and can be pre-ordered from Flybubble now.

Niviuk Hook 3 high-end EN-B wing

The Niviuk Hook 3 has successfully completed the EN B certification in size 25, with the other sizes expected to follow soon. The first units should be available in January 2013, and can be pre-ordered from Flybubble now.


Nova Mentor 3 high-end EN-B wing

The new Nova Mentor 3 has passed EN B certification in size M, with other sizes due to folllow soon, and can be pre-ordered from Flybubble now.

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