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Christmas 2016: Last Order Dates

To beat the Christmas rush and avoid disappointment leave plenty of time for delays and out-of-stock items to arrive and be shipped to you.

Don't leave it to the last minute!

For UK mainland orders our last posting date will be Wednesday 21 December however it might be possible to send items in stock on Thursday 22 December for delivery on Friday 23 December for an extra charge.

For all countries we ship to see Shipping and Postage.

Orders are usually sent within 1-3 working days of ordering. Order online and we will contact you as soon as possible if anything is out of stock (we have most popular items).

If you want to be sure contact us first.

Advance SUCCESS 4 Harness

The Advance SUCCESS 4 has just arrived at Flybubble! Size M and L in stock and available to order, size S due to arrive next week.

Carlo says: "I'm very impressed by the build quality, passive safety, comfort, low weight and packing volume, practical ease of use, well thought out reserve system, attention to detail and comprehensive package of the SUCCESS 4. Although the price is high for a standard (non pod) harness, when you consider what you get for your money and that the excellent protection it offers could help prevent injury then I think the price is justified. Properly looked after, this harness could last much more than 10 years."

Find out more about the SUCCESS 4 >

Airspace win for BHPA

Avoiding the UK airspace can be a real challenge for cross country pilots, so when restrictions are lifted it's cause to celebrate.

Thanks to continued work by the BHPA and other members of the GA Alliance, the CAA has reviewed some restrictions - and they're gone!

Find out where >

The future of the Connect 1

Flytec products were recently acquired by Naviter: most devices are in stock and development continues. The Connect 1 instrument is not part of the acquisition. It has received one last software upgrade, but further developments will be done in the developer's own time.

Connect 1 pilots who don't want to wait for the development to be completed can upgrade to a heavily discounted Oudie 4 provided by Naviter.

More >

Flybubble News November 2016

In this edition: we applaud the new paragliding world record, explore distance flying on a hang glider, show how our buying service works, hear about the free flight physiology project, and check out wings and flying gear.

Read Flybubble News November 2016 >

Advance ALPHA 6 and EPSILON 8 Motor

Both the ALPHA 6 and EPSILON 8 now have DGAC paramotor certification!

Thanks to their good take-off behaviour, high stability and compact shape the ALPHA 6 (EN B) and EPSILON 8 (EN B) are especially suitable for flying with a motor.

Optional hybrid-risers can be ordered instead of the standard freeflight risers, which offer a choice of hang point heights and have trimmers for adjusting the flying speed, as well as to counteract the turning moments of the motor and propeller.

For certified paragliding the trimmers are deactivated by fixing them into the harness carabiners.

Find out more > 

SAFETY NOTICE: Ozone Forza Harness

Concerning the first production Forza harnesses manufactured in 2015 with the serial numbers:
Forza-(size)-Q-31A-(???) to Forza-(size)-Q-49E-(???)

There have been several cases of a reserve loop failure on the Forza harness. In all cases, one of the loops holding the reserve pin failed completely. There have also been some reported failures of loops that had previously passed the safety notice checks at 15kgs.

Get your loops properly checked by your Ozone dealer or a qualified professional before attempting to fly the harness again.

Please return your harness to your dealer, or a qualified professional to perform the checks. More details >

The Free Flight Physiology Project

Dr Matt Wilkes told us about a very interesting research project he's leading. 

The Free Flight Physiology Project aims to understand what happens to our bodies when we fly.

The first phase of the research was completed in Pakistan, with Tom de Dorlodot reaching heights of 7450m. 

Find out more >

Flybubble News October 2016

In this edition: we get the goods on Coupe Icare, consider light wind freedom, chill out in a cloud (brr), consider landing area conflicts and hang out in a harness that almost isn't there.

Read the October newsletter

Companion SQR Reserve 160

The SQUARE ROUND 160 reserve from Companion is now available (supports a maximum load of 160 kg). The new size joins the previous 100 and 120 sizes in the growing Companion product range.

The SQR 160 has a 42 square metre surface area, a packed volume of between 4.0 and 6.4 litres and weighs 1927 grams. Its sink rate at maximum load is 5.3 m/s.  

Work on a tandem reserve is currently under way.

More about the Companion SQR 160 >

Flybubble News August 2016

There's always more to learn, in flying. We hope you find some gems in this newsletter, which we've packed full of awe, aah, and ooh.

In this edition: how to fly cross country, adventure racing through the Pyrenees, crinkly wing reviews and shiny new product news.

Read the August newsletter >

Flybubble News July 2016

It's the height of summer and everything is flying!

In this edition: images from the sky, incredible flying achievements, wing reviews, piloting advice, a new book, instrument updates, safety notices and new gear.

Read the newsletter >

Flybubble Greg in X-Pyr hike&fly race!

Make sure you check this out: Flybubble Paragliding crew member, team pilot, and inspirational adventurer Greg Hamerton is the only UK pilot in the X-Pyr hike&fly race, starting tomorrow. Greg is up against the world-class professional paraglider pilots and athletes like Christian 'Chrigel the Eagle' Maurer and Aaron 'we don't know if he has a nickname' Durogati. He doesn't expect to win, but will give it his best shot and aims to have a great adventure whilst trying to complete the gruelling race.

Find out more about the X-Pyr and keep up with Greg and all the contestants on live track via here, and send him a bunch of encouraging (or just plain silly) messages to cheer him on!

Also, podcaster Judith Mole asked Greg ten random questions.

Sup'Air Strike & Trek Light 350G

The STRIKE is a harness fully dedicated to Hike & Fly competitions, developed by Sup'Air from their X-ALPS 2015 design. Its great in-flight comfort makes it far more versatile than its light weight might suggest.

It comes in 2 sizes - M and L - and the M size weighs 2140 g with the included removable mini-seat plate and LTF certified foam protector (560 gr). The optional ultra-light Bump'Air STK-light (250 gr) foam protector enables a complete harness to be flown at a weight of only 1710 gr without the mini-seat plate, and 1840 gr with it.

Sup'Air have also made a new ultra-light rucksack which is the perfect partner for the STRIKE, the Trek Light 350G.

Find out more about the Strike and Trek Light 350G.

Pilot: the ideal paragliding helmet

The PILOT helmet was specially developed by SUP'AIR for paraglider pilots and paragliding schools. It's modern, comfortable and very light.

It's certified for freeflight (CE EN 966), comes in one size (adjustable XS-L), and weighs only 380gr including the adjustable headband.

Currently availabile in Black (Black-Grey); Petrol (Petroleum Blue-Orange), we deliver the PILOT helmet with a protective microfiber helmet bag included.

More about the Sup'Air Pilot.

Nova Phantom (2016) EN B

Nova: "The PHANTOM offers the safety of a basic intermediate with the performance of a top-end wing. This has been made possible through probably the most complex construction ever used in a serial-production wing." "With 99 cells, 804 needle-eye ribs and 3200 slots in the profiles and diagonal ribs to reduce weight, the PHANTOM could be the most complex and technically elaborate wing ever made.  With more than 3000 individual components, it sets a new benchmark in paraglider construction." "How does a large number of cells increase performance? The more cells, the smoother the wing – which means less drag. A large number of cells also provides ultimate stability. This helps maintain performance even in turbulent air." "The PHANTOM combines the best of both worlds: the low piloting demands of the ION and the great performance of the TRITON 2."

Find out more about the Nova's new Progression Class EN B wing here.

Safety Notice: Gin GENIE LITE 2

Earlier production batches of the Genie Lite 2 have been noted to have issues with the rescue handle. The rescue handle loop is too short for some models of rescue parachutes. This may cause the plastic wire pins to get stuck during deployment.

To rectify this, Gin have produced a loop extender (13cm). All current GIN stock has the loop extender included with the harness. Previously shipped harnesses did not come with this loop. If you require the loop extender, please contact your GIN distributor.

In addition, please ensure that your rescue has been installed according to the instructions in the Genie Lite 2 product manual. If in any doubt, please seek professional advice.

Sup'Air Safety Notice 21-06-2016

Sup'Air: "Unexpected releases/openings of the aluminium self-locking chest strap buckle in flight were noticed on some SUP'AIR harnesses."

Download the safety notice for more info.

Download the safety notice (PDF)

Download information notice "T" upgrade for the "safe-T self-locking buckle (PDF)

Sup'Air LEAF

Designed for everyday use in all conditions, the LEAF is a 'mid' EN B glider (Progression Class) for pilots who want flying to be simple and safe.

No more of the old 'high B, low B' debate; with the LEAF you can simply go flying without asking questions! Undemanding on the pitch axis, but agile enough to be enjoyable for thermaling and exploring the sky.

Fully sheathed lines, low friction brake rings and thin risers are some of the modern design touches.

If you're ready for your second wing and want a high level of passive safety combined with a smooth feel
find out more about the Sup'Air LEAF.

Demos available from Flybubble, reviews coming soon.

SAFETY NOTICE: Harness buckles

The DHV issued a safety notice for paraglider harnesses equipped with Finsterwalder CLICK-LOCK and T-LOCK buckles in the chest strap. Finsterwalder has reduced the service life to only four years!

The following harness manufacturers have used the mentioned buckles in one or more of their models: Advance, AVA Sport, APCO, Finsterwalder & Charly, Independence, KARPO FLY, SKY Paragliders, SkyTrekking, SOL, Woody Valley. The buckles are also used by several other manufacturers.

Read the ADVANCE Safety Notice and their useful Quick Fix For Harnesses With Click-Lock Buckles. See also the WOODY VALLEY Safety Notice.

Whichever your harness brand, it's worth doing regular checks.

Mastering Paragliding (Book)

Paragliding guide Kelly Farina approaches pilot progression in a systematic, logical way. From understanding the basics of glider handling to thermalling techniques and high-level cross-country advice, he breaks the sport down into manageable stages with achievable goals.

"The concepts here can help pilots of all levels achieve more success when flying XC. It is great to see these principles written down so clearly."

Thomas Walder, Austrian Paragliding Champion

Pre-order your copy before July 20 and get FREE SHIPPING to the UK. 

Find out more about Mastering Paragliding

Flybubble News June 2016

The June edition of our newsletter has a new, simplified look inspired by the designer's recent encounter with snow. Clean, white ... and very cool :-)

In this edition: adventure racing in Annecy, a new XC wing from Gin, a new light reversible harness from Sup'Air, and how to land ... backwards!

Read the newsletter >

NEW: Gin Sprint 3

Our first Gin Sprint 3s have landed, in sizes M and L.

The Sprint 3 is Gin's new EN B wing, with an aspect ratio of 5.7, sitting between the Atlas and Carrera+.

Carlo flew the M (85-105 flown at 93kg) for 5 hours in punchy conditions. "It feels very solid and more like a higher aspect Atlas, than a lower aspect Carerra. It moves in a unified block. Gin's description is fair: it doesn't pitch and roll. Easy launching, firm controls, moderate top speed but lots of accessible performance."

Review coming shortly. Demos, expert advice, package deals and part-ex available through Flybubble.

Find out more about the Gin Sprint 3

NEW: Sup'Air AltiRando 3

New from Sup'air: a comfortable reversible harness with an integrated under-seat reserve container.

The preinflated airbag ensures there's some protection even before flying. The compact airbag shape has a good aerodynamic profile. The reserve handle has clearly visible pins and optimum positioning.

Fine-tuning of the seat and back position allows for relaxed flying. In backpack mode, it offers 75L packing space, a padded waist strap and an ergonomic design.

Only 3.65kg with carabiners and speedbar (M size).

In stock at Flybubble!

Find out more about the Sup'Air AltiRando 3

Flytec News May 2016

Recent developments at Flytec

  • Element Speed

  • Element Track

  • Last Orders for 6030

  • Flytec X-Track Pro

  • Flytec UK Demo Centre

Find out more >

Flybubble News May 2016

Inspiring stories, XC Secrets and many new wing reviews in our free flying news. In this month's edition:

  • A review of the Advance EASINESS 2

  • Safety tips

  • Product news

  • Buy one get one free book deal

  • A team pilot perspective

Read the newsletter >

Buy Thermal Flying, get Cross Country Flying FREE!

Simples. Buy a copy of Burkhard Marten's famed Thermal Flying book, and get a copy of his fabulous Cross Country Flying book thrown in for FREE!

Go here and add both books to your basket to receive your FREE book!

Offer ends May 31st 2016 or when sold out.

Gin Sprint 3

Gin Gliders are targeting their new XC wing, the Sprint 3, at leisure, club or cross-country pilots: "... the Sprint 3's carefully calibrated blend of handling, comfort, stability and performance will ensure you get the very best out of your flying. The Sprint 3 weighs only 4.5kg (M), yet features durable fabric and fully sheathed main and mid lines."

"The Sprint 3 has been designed to hit the "sweet spot" for a majority of pilots. It's undemanding and comfortable to fly, yet sporty enough to be fun. And if you're in the mood to eat up the XC kilometres, you'll find plenty of performance under the gas pedal!"

Order & delivery info 15/04/2016: Only the M size has been certified so far; delivery expected end of May. The S and L sizes expected next; other sizes to follow. Available to pre-order now. Contact us to find out more, arrange a test flight and order yours!

More info: Gin Sprint 3

Flybubble News April 2016

Inspiring stories, XC Secrets and many new wing reviews in our free flying news. In this month's edition:

  • A complete review of last year's amazing XC season

  • Managing the Mayhem in the Himalayas

  • Back country grab bag for adventurous pilots

  • Safety tips

  • Product news

  • Win a NOVA harness

  • A selection of the freshest flying media

Read the newsletter >

Naviter Oudie Software Improvements

Oudie software has received a significant facelift and functionality update. Version 7 is available for download. Please update your Oudies through Oudie Updater or manually through the Naviter website.

What’s new:

  • Transfer menu, the fastest way to copy data from your Oudie to another Oudie or to share your declared task with others, using a microSD card.

  • The whole menu structure has been re-organized in order to be more intuitive and clear.

  • Numerous airspace updates.

See the complete change log of new features >

Find out more about the Oudie 4 >

SeeYou 8 With Top Meteo Weather

Great news from Naviter: you can download SeeYou 8 and start planning your flights on top of Top Meteo weather forecasts (if you are a subscriber to both services).

You also get automatic task suggestions for three days in advance, based on your tasks library and modified by the soaring forecast.

With save to SD Card functionality, transfer to your Oudie is simple.

This is available in all regions covered by the Top Meteo service (currently Europe, southern Africa, USA and parts of Canada).

Find out more >

FlyNet Instruments Promotion: 25% OFF

FlyNet instruments are currently on promotion!

FlyNet 3 can be used as a lightweight audio variometer. Paired with a smartphone or tablet, FlyNet 3 provides the variometer and accelerometer data for the use with your favourite mobile app. 

FlyNet XC can be used for cross country flying and as a backup device for competitions. Paired with a smartphone or tablet, FlyNet XC transmits vario, GPS and accelerometer data and can be used with the mobile app of your choice, increasing the battery life of the smartphone or tablet significantly! IGC records can be extracted directly via USB.

More info > 


Flybubble News March 2016

Inspiring stories, XC Secrets and many new wing reviews in our free flying news. In this month's edition:

  • Wings Over The Cloud Award articles

  • Flying XC: Going fast or going first?

  • Wing review: ADVANCE ALPHA 6

  • Wing review: NIVIUK HOOK 4

  • Wing review: ADVANCE PI 2

  • Wing review: NOVA ION 4

  • Safety Notices

  • Flybubble Presents: Club Talks

Read the newsletter >

Wings Over The Cloud Award

Each year Skywings Magazine presents the Wings Over The Cloud award for inspiring writing.

This year Carlo Borsattino has won the award for his articles: Super Sunday and If We're Lucky We'll Make Bexhill.

Read the stories that caught the judge's eye >


Advance Epsilon 8 (Progression Class)

A compact and stable canopy makes a pilot feel happy, even in demanding conditions.

Numerous performance-enhancing tweaks have found their way into the wing. It was designed as a hybrid 3-liner and has only one line junction level.

The Epsilon 8 is a Progression class wing with good direct handling and performance, very stable, with thin risers, very few lines and light weight.

Test pilot Greg Blondeau commented: "I had lots of fun to test it, I think it's a good evolution for the sport to have an easy glider like this."

Flybubble demo arriving soon, review to follow!
Find out more >

Nova ION 4 (Progression Class)

According to Nova, the ION 4 has a better glide than the MENTOR 3. From 3.95 kg (XXS) it is feather light and offers impressive handling and climb performance.

The ION 4 offers a high degree of passive safety and is suitable for a wide spectrum of pilots but is aimed at gifted beginners and pilots with developing cross-country ambitions.

A refined canopy shape and tapered wing tips underpin the design optimisation. The light weight makes the ION 4 simple to launch and improves its extreme flight behaviour. 

Flybubble review coming soon.

Discover the new milestone in the ION series!

Sup'Air Radical 3

Particularly suited for solo mountain flying, the Radical 3 is also compatible for tandem use, ground handling, dynamic ridge and thermal soaring.

It's only 830g in the S-M size and has easy handling characteristics.

The Radical 3 transforms into a fully reversible full airbag harness/backpack with the optional reversible airbag/backpack back protector module.

Adding an optional front mounted emergency reserve parachute container, attached to the shoulder reserve bridle connections, further enhances passive safety, allowing thermal mountain flying with peace of mind.

Find out more >

Advance Easiness 2

Very straightforward, double the comfort - and light.

This EASINESS 2 light reversible harness with no seatboard literally sparkles with many new features.

A range of two sizes will suit every individual, wider shoulder straps and longer legpads ensure even more comfort, and a removable airbag with built-in reserve compartment guarantee maximal safety.

The rucksack mode is not just ultra-comfortable to carry, but serves as a genuine mountain backpack, fitted with removable waist strap, helmet net, pole and ice axe holders.

Find out more >

Flybubble News February 2016

Snowy peaks, desert adventures, pro tips and great gear in our free flying news.

In this month's edition:

  • Advance Dealers' Meeting

  • Flying stories

  • How to get into a pod harness

  • Launching from thorn scrub

  • Flying far in mountain terrain

  • Oudie 4 and Oudie 4 Basic

  • Great new gear

Read the newsletter >

British Paragliding Racing Academy

Something very new and exciting is about to happen in the UK competition scene: the British Paragliding Racing Academy!

It is supported by the BHPA and aims to enlist and train future world class paraglider pilots whilst helping the existing team pilots.

The BPRA are creating a program of learning and experiences in and around Europe to develop the skills necessary to win paragliding competitions.

Find out more >

Advance International Dealers' Meeting

Nancy and Carlo from Flybubble were invited to attend the Advance dealer meeting held on 27 and 28 January 2016 in the small, snow covered village of Murren.

60 dealers and importers from around the world attended. A lot was crammed into the two days, including several workshops and some flying time to try out the new Advance wings.

More >

Syride instruments now all V3

First the SYS'One, then the SYS'Nav were upgraded to V3 some time ago; now the SYS'Alti and SYS'GPS have been too.

Each V3 instrument comes with a longer battery life than the previous versions, and different colour sides to distinguish them easily. The battery life of the SYS'Alti V3 has increased from 100 to more than 200 hours. The battery life of the SYS'GPS V3 has increased from 20 to 40 hours.

See the whole Syride range > 

Companion SQR hybrid reserve

The hybrid SQR is the first product from Companion. It merges the advantages of the classic round canopy and the modern square. The extensive development process included computer simulations and practical tests resulting in a reserve with improved opening behaviour and enhanced pendulum stability. Unlike most square designs, the Companion SQR is not trimmed to glide in flight. The standard Companion SQR is one of the lightest reserve parachutes on the market. An ultra-light version is under development.

More info >

Naviter Oudie 4 & Oudie 4 Basic for Paragliding

Big news from Naviter: We are in the final stages of production for an updated version of Oudie 4 and we are adding anOudie 4 Basic to the mix. First deliveries are expected in March. Exact delivery times will be announced to our paragliding dealers when available. Get in contact with them to get the correct information at the right time.

The Oudie 4 Basic is a response to many pilot requests who really like the Oudie but would be happy to live without its high-end features. It was developed with the recreational pilot in mind who flies in complicated airspace, is learning to thermal or just needs a no-setup device to fly with. Absent are the competition-related navboxes, task options, Profiles and FAI Triangle features for example. That makes the software more intuitive and easy but still packs the most important features that you expect from a Vario & GPS & colour moving map combo.

The Oudie 4 Basic will grow with you. If you become the high-end competition or XC pilot later in your career a software upgrade is available which gives you all the features of an Oudie 4More »

Syride Instant Vario feature for SYS'Nav V3!

This new feature combines all of the embedded sensors of the SYS'Nav V3 to instantly detect the slightest movements of the instrument. There's no need to compare vario reactivity any more, Syride have reduced it to zero!

See Syride SYS'Nav V3


Flybubble News January 2016

Happy New Year! The January edition of the Flybubble newsletter is here, to bring you good cheer. In this edition...

  • World Freeflight News, Flybabble

  • Advance Test Centre

  • Advance LIGHTNESS 2 reviews

  • Customer Reviews, New Products

  • Specials, Second Hand

  • Bivi flying, the slow way

  • Product News, Parting shots

  • A year of uplifting possibilities

Read the newsletter »

Flybubble is an Advance Test Centre!

This means we have all their wings and harnesses in stock for you to try out, in various sizes. We also stock all their bags, accessories and most Advance clothing.

It's a massive investment that most dealers don't make.

But we are proud to stand behind Advance because they focus on top quality products and service, which aligns with Flybubble's guiding principle of delivering the best service to our customers.

More >

New Syride firmware and SYS PC Tool upgrades!

Syride have released new firmware for their SYS'Nav V3 and SYS'GPS ultralight all-in-one flight instruments, and upgraded SYS PC Tool software, to bring pilots some great new added features, as well as some bug fixes and improvements!

  • Added GOTO feature (20 nearest waypoints)

  • Added visual vario indicator (barograph)

  • Added customizable vario frequency (sound)

  • Added customizable max vario frequency value (e.g. 6m/s)

  • Added filter to the recorded vario (website, flight info)

  • Added "NO GPS" on MAP screen when GPS position unknown

  • ...

More »

BHPA Emergency Parachute Conference

Flybubble attended the Emergency Parachute Conference hosted by the BHPA in November 2015.

In the last ten years, the types and variety of systems has grown from the traditional round canopies, to the revival of the Rogallo types and the recent emergence of square reserves and cut away systems. This event covered the full range of systems with talks and practical demonstrations so that all participants are better briefed on this wide range.

More >

Advance PI 2 (ultralight mountain wing)

Enjoy the freedom and the versatility – in the air and on the ground.

The new PI 2 is available in four sizes - 16 (from 2.07 kg), 19 (from 2.36 kg), 23 (from 2.74 kg) and 27 (from 3.11 kg), with the choice of light or standard risers.

Thanks to three different weight ranges per size this is one of the most versatile paragliders. Use it for thermal flying, Hike & Fly, or as a Mini Wing.

First deliveries will be made just before Christmas 2015.

More information on the Advance PI 2 >

Nova Speedbrake Riser

Nova introduce the Speedbrake Riser: "The NOVA Speedbrake Riser is the first three-liner riser which permits the glider to be accelerated as well as decelerated. It brings an end to pulling the C-lines, which killed performance.

We developed the NOVA Speedbrake Riser in conjunction with our team pilot Robert Schaller, an applied science student and enthusiastic cross-country pilot. The B and C risers are connected using a flexible strap. If the C-risers are pulled back, the B-risers are also reduced in length. The result is a perfect, crease-free deceleration.

The Speedbrake Riser provides new possibilities for performance-orientated XC-pilots!"

FlyNet news summary September 2015

The latest news from FlyNet:

* FlyNet apps discontinued; see the recommended apps

* New firmware for FlyNet XC1 and Flynet 3

* New user manuals

* Logfly now supported! 

Find out more >


Nova's new EN/LTF B certified lightweight wing, the MENTOR 4 LIGHT is perfect for vol bivouac, hike & fly and travellers looking for a fully-fledged wing with little weight.

The MENTOR 4 LIGHT offers the same performance as the MENTOR 4 combined with minimal weight. Weighing just 3.25 kilograms (size XXS) it has lost some pounds in comparison to its predecessor. This wing offers a unique package of performance, flying comfort and minimal weight.

The wing will be available from the end of September in the sizes XXS, XS, S and M. Order yours now!

Find out more about the MENTOR 4 LIGHT >

Niviuk IKUMA

Niviuk have designed a new wing to challenge their competitors in the XC Class (B+). Described as serene, precise and fun to fly with a sporty character, the Ikuma was engineered to enjoy and maximize every flight, offering stress free piloting that lets you concentrate on your adventure into the back country.

For cross country beginners and pilots with some experience of flying in thermals, this is definitely a wing to consider if you want to experience the renowned Niviuk handling. Available in October.

More information on the Ikuma >

Flytec news summary September 2015

Here's a summary of the latest news from Flytec:

  • Latest firmware update for Connect 1, Albatross 6: airspaces; multiple page flight app; zooming; USB processing info; new screens.

  • Albatross 7 preview.

  • Important notice about switching off the Connect 1.

  • Element firmware update available, Version 1.2.12: Waypoint import; Wind; Log file.

  • Connect 1 & Element IGCs accepted by UK PG XC League

  • How to fly a race with the Element (video)

  • Flytec Service Hotline

  • Flytec 6000 series no longer delivered with CD

  • Flytec stock overview

More »

Airspace crackdown - CAA on alert!

The CAA has announced that serious airspace infringements at six of the highest-risk controlled airspace (CAS) locations in the UK should be cut by 50 percent over the next 12 months.

The hot-spots identified are Birmingham, Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton, Southampton and Stansted. Working Teams at each location have agreed the targets and are committed to delivering the reductions, by improving existing procedures, by December 2015.

Should any of these targets not be met, options under consideration include the deployment of bespoke Surveillance Mandatory Zones (SMZ) to provide a conspicuity buffer around the Class D airspace of a hot-spot.

This could mandate the use of radios and/or transponders within that area and thus render it effectively closed to free fliers. Other potential solutions include rationalising airspace boundaries.

Through our self-policing inherent in the XC Leagues we (and the BGA) are the lowest source of infringements. Nevertheless it would be disastrous if one of our pilots were to be the tipping point that resulted in fresh CAS, particularly as we would be the ones most impacted by it.

(Posted by the BHPA on 18 August 2015)

Skywalk RANGE X-ALPS is available!

The harness of the Red Bull X-Alps 2015 is now available!

The RANGE X-ALPS was the most sought after harness of the Red Bull X-Alps 2015. Skywalk listened to the feedback of their team pilots and present the RANGE X-ALPS in a limited edition to the market with many small improvements for ambitious hike&fly pilots. 

The serial version of the original Red Bull X-Alps 2015 harness weights exactly 960 grams (excluding carabiners, protector, cockpit). With the optional LTF tested foam protector (380g), the total weight tops out at just over 1.3 kg. The RANGE X-ALPS is available in two sizes, both with LTF certification. 

More info: Skywalk RANGE X-ALPS

Advance LIGHTNESS 2 line kit

Some Advance LIGHTNESS 2 pilots have reported excessive wear of the lower speedbag lines. This wear occurs at the stainless steel line guide attached to the footboard. These lines encounter unexpected forces and friction. Dirt, sand and grit also appear to contribute. Advance offer a free retrofit kit which does away with the stainless steel fitting. 

Please check your LIGHTNESS 2 for excessive line wear. Should the lower speedbag lines look chafed, we recommend that you fit the retrofit kit. You can easily do this yourself. The retrofit kit can be obtained free of charge.

Contact Advance or your dealer.

Read the full safety note on the Advance website here >

More info on the Advance Lightness 2 >

Advance OMEGA XALPS orders & test flights

Following its double X-Alps success, production for the new lightweight high performer has begun. Following feedback from the race, small improvements to the design have been made to increase performance, damping and sink rate.

First deliveries are expected at the end of September.

You can order the OMEGA XALPS through Flybubble, or arrange a test flight, using the contact form on the Contact Us page of our website.

Order OMEGA XALPS from Flybubble here.

See OMEGA XALPS info here.

British Paragliding Cup winnners!

Congratulations to the pilots who placed well in the final round of the British Paragliding Cup! The Top 10 received a Flybubble gift voucher for use on http://shop.flybubble.com/

1 - David Thomson
2 - Chris Blanchard
3 - Tony Blacker
4 - Alan Ford
5 - Anthony Moore
6 - Simon Blake
7 - Carl Foster
8 - Adam Ladd
9 - John Murphy
10 - Brad Nicholas

For more about the event see the BPCup website

For the latest news and images see the BPCup facebook group  

(Pictured, Carl Foster)

Powered Paragliding Bible 4 in stock!

The new 4th edition of the Powered Paragliding Bible is now in stock.

The authoritative source on powered paragliding encompasses everything from first sight to first flight. It combines knowledge from top pilots and leading instructors.

Available now for £26.95 

Get Powered Paragliding Bible 4 >

A few copies of the previous edition are available at a reduced price.

Niviuk Artik 4 - great XC wing, demos available!

We've been flying Niviuk's Artik 4 extensively over the past few months, in all sorts of conditions, and are more than happy to recommend it as one of the best all-round XC wings available. It has enough performance to fly +200 km flights in the UK (tried and tested: 212 km, 213 km), yet is remarkably comfortable and easy to fly for an EN C wing. It is agile enough to work small areas of lift, yet turns flat and has an excellent sink rate (often out-climbing most other wings, including hotter ships). It looks stunning too!

We currently have Artik 4 demos available in sizes 23 (60-80kg) and 25 (75-95 kg) and can of course arrange demos for all sizes.

Niviuk Artik 4 info here

Arrange a test flight here

Safety Notice: Gin Combi Container

A few handles have been found to have insufficient stitching which could result in the handle tearing during use, so Gin Gliders are recalling the entire production batch to ensure that the safety of pilots is guaranteed. If you bought one from us after June 2014, contact us for a replacement rescue handle (free of charge).

Read the full safety notice >

More info on the Gin Combi Container >

New features for Syride SYS'Nav V3

There's new firmware available for the SYS'Nav V3 which includes a great new feature: the Transition Assistant! It's a unique innovation for it's compact size. 

Thanks to the worldwide topography data contained within the SYS'Nav, this feature displays a cross section of the topography 10 km in front of you and plots your expected glide path through the air to calculate your anticipated landing spot. A great help for transitions! You can now see in an instant if your transition will be successful or not. (This feature is available in "Floor Height" items in the SSC Tool.)

Syride have also added a Thermal Core feature that helps you to get the most out of the lift.

To upgrade your firmware, simply connect your SYS'Nav V3 to your PC and run the SYS'PC program (it usually autostarts).

Find out more about the SYS'Nav V3 >

New paramotor helmet from Icaro: Solar X

The new Solar X replaces Icaro's very popular Fly UL paramotor helmet. It has the same shape as the Nerv freeflight helmet, expressly modified for paramotor pilots.

As used by Andree Borschberg with Icaro ICE headsets whilst flying the Solar Impulse 2 from Japan to Hawaii! Solar Impulse is the only airplane of perpetual endurance, able to fly day and night on solar power, without a drop of fuel. Icaro is proud to contribute to this incredible mission. The two famous pilots Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg wore our helmets with our ICE headsets. In honour of this exploit we call this new helmet Solar X. More »

Advance IOTA Test Reports

It is not often that Advance launches a new wing series, and the new High-End EN B was awaited with eager anticipation. Straightaway, all the important magazines asked for an IOTA for a test report. Parapente + has published a detailed IOTA report in their latest edition. Before that Parapente Mag was first, followed by the German language Thermik who published an IOTA test after their two sessions in the Canary Islands. Cross Country’s report came out in their April edition.

"The IOTA takes on board the latest technologies and demonstrates a perfect upper wing surface and workmanship; the wing has exceptional performance and is precise to control - close to perfection." Laurent van Hille, Parapente+n°441, july-august 2015

"It is neither a souped-up EPSILON nor a de-tuned SIGMA, but has its own character and a string of great qualities, which will make it a reference for the future." Cédric Nieddu, Parapente Mag, no 158

"The IOTA is a new, completely independent design, glittering with the high feel-good factor that comes of very successfully coordinated characteristics." Norbert Aprissnig, THERMIK Magazin, Issue 3_2015

"I checked this with a number of other test pilots and everyone felt the same. it`s rare for an experienced test pilot to experience this "love at first flight" feeling, but it does happen occasionally." Norbert Aprissnig, Cross Country Magazine, Edition 158

Why not trial the IOTA this weekend? Contact Flybubble to arrange a test flight on our demo.

More information on the IOTA >

Advance OMEGA XALPS: Ready for Take off

Only a few days ago ADVANCE introduced the new X-Alps wing and straight away it has to prove itself in the world’s hardest paraglider event. But the ADVANCE X-Alps-team surrounding Chrigel Maurer and Sebastian Huber have no doubts that the OMEGA XALPS is perfectly suited to this challenge. Chrigel’s comment about the wing: “The OMEGA XALPS is the perfect balance of light weight and high performance. I really like the short, precise steering travel together with the long brake distance available. This makes it fun to fly, but gives a good safety margin in turbulence.” This combination of fun and safety is available to all ambitious pilots - the OMEGA XALPS can be ordered now. More »

New Syride SYS'Nav v3

The best selling Syride SYS'Nav has been upgraded with the latest technology.

Thanks to an internal SD card, the SYS'Nav V3 now embeds worldwide topography and airspaces. This means the total weight of the unit, including SD card, has gone up very slightly, from 83 to 90 grams - still the lightest fully-featured dedicated all-in-one flight instrument around!

Latest generation electronic components give the SYS'Nav V3 almost twice the autonomy of its predecessor, upgrading from 25h to 45h, a real advantage for pilots for such a small and lightweight instrument.

Despite it's small size (the same as the original SYS'Nav) the SYS'Nav V3 can hold 1500 hours of flight logs, 25000 waypoints and 150 routes.

Other SYS'Nav V3 features include G-meter, navigation features (goto, routes), thermal sniffer and customisable screens. Due to it's small size and built-in hook and loop fastener straps, the SYS'Nav V3 can be mounted on risers, legs, cockpits or tandem spreaders.

The price of the SYS'Nav V3 remains the same as its predecessor, £299, also making it exceptional value for money.

Available from UK Syride dealers. Find out more about the Syride SYS'Nav V3 >

Niviuk Reserves: Octagon and Cires

Niviuk have introduced two new reserve parachutes.

Niviuk say: "Due to its octagonal shape, the revolutionary design of the Octagon delivers higher safety levels, superb descent stability and ultralight weight (1.39 kg in size M). The Octagon’s oscillation factor is 0-5º (other models: 10-15º) and its descent rate is 4,9 m/s at maximum load in size M (against 5,3m/s with other models). 

The Cires is a more functional model. Three different sizes (M, L and Tandem) designed with top quality light materials for a 1.7 kg weight in size M. The Cires descent rate is 5 m/s and its oscillation factor 5-15º off from its vertical axis."

Find out more >

Flytec Connect 1 in production

The Connect 1 is ready!

The first ever smart vario is good to go! Flytec have started with the serial production of the Connect 1. 


What makes the Connect 1 special?

■ The only vario to update itself over wireless internet
■ Automatically updates its software, later it will also update airspace data including NOTAM where available
■ Direct download of tasks and tracklog uploading

More >

Safety Notice: Gin Genie Race 3

A pilot reported that the main rescue bridle failed at the shoulder connection points following a rescue parachute deployment on a Gin Genie Race 3 harness. Although the harnesses exceed the certification minima, Gin Gliders recommends connecting each main rescue bridle to the front rescue bridle connection point for added safety.

Read the full safety notice >

Safety Notice: Kortel Kolibri harness

27/04/2015 Kortel Kolibri Harness rings

There is a potential problem on the forged rings of the Kolibri harness, which may break under load. The ring is not used in the main structure of the harness, it supports the lumbar and pelvic setting only.

For more details and serial numbers concerned, see the full safety notice.

Safety Notice: Sup'Air reserve handle

31/03/2015 WALIBI² and EVASION² reserve parachute handle extraction

Sup'Air have issued a safety notice regarding extraction problems for the rescue handle.

Although it relates to their EVASION² and WALIBI² tandem harnesses, it's worth considering the recommended solution if you have long hook and loop fastener strips on your reserve handle system.

Simply blocking off some of the excess hook and loop fastener reduces the gripping force and prevents it from becoming a problem.

The bonding can also be overcome by removing the reserve handle and replacing it gently during every Daily Equipment Inspection. 

Download the full safety notice here

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Closure Remember System (CRS) on Advance LIGHTNESS 2

23.03.2015 | There have been one or two cases of the CRS opening in flight, and this also allows the speedbag to open. This is not a safety issue because the harness remains closed. More »

Kortel safety notice: reserve handles

Kortel have informed us of potential quality problems on some of their reserve handles. For more details, see here.

Advance IOTA turning heads

When ADVANCE introduced a new 'high end EN B' paraglider series in their range, fitting in to what Flybubble call XC class, the chatter about the IOTA quickly went round the paragliding world. Something like this was bound attract the curiosity of mag editors and testers alike.

There's no predecessor to compare this IOTA with, but you can ask yourself if it succeeds in making its jump into the gang of high-performing intermediates? Parapente Mag from France published the first test, and now German language THERMIK joins in with a detailed report in its current issue.

"The IOTA has found its own place in the ADVANCE palette. Everything about it is optimised, a great achievement!"

Cedric Nieddu, Parapente Mag

For Cedric Nieddu everything about the IOTA is optimised - from its looks to its performance; continuing on to its user-friendliness. "It's not an over-bred EPSILON, or a tamed-down SIGMA", he reported in the French Parapente Mag n° 158. Its individual character and magnificent qualities could well make the IOTA the High-End B class benchmark, thanks to superlative performance coupled with very good-natured behaviour. The current Parapente Mag is on sale at the moment.

"We will be seeing the IOTA again in the results of various XC competitions!"

Norbert Aprissnig, THERMIK Magazine

The Thermik 3/2015 verdict is clear: editor and test pilot Norbert Aprissnig is enthusiastic - in the truest sense of the word. He said: "In a long testing career one seldom experiences such a thing, but very occasionally it's love at first sight." Norbert is especially entranced by the flawless workmanship teamed with very well-tuned damped behaviour. Likewise he enthuses about the perfect climbing qualities as well as a high feel-good factor. This latter is essential for long XC flights.

More about the Advance IOTA

Flybubble Colombia XC Jan-Feb 2015

Nancy and Carlo from Flybubble decided to escape the winter and head to Colombia for a couple of weeks. The main aim of their trip was to have fun, soak up the sun and Colombian culture, and enjoy the flying. They were very lucky with the weather - it was flyable every day - and enjoyed lots of great XC flying during their stay.

Conditions were sometimes very good but often quite slow and tricky so lots of patience and gear-changing was required to make the most of each day. Even so Carlo managed over 46 hours airtime and over 765 km of XC distance in total, all of which was done with his new Advance LIGHTNESS 2 harness, and most of which flown on the new Advance IOTA high EN-B wing.

Nancy also flew the IOTA on a few days and loves it too!

Carlo has entered a few of his flights on the international UKPGXCL.

Flytec Element: new images, info & first stock!

The first small batch of Flytec Element have arrived in stock, and they look very good! New images and product info here.

Flybubble Sponsor Prizes for UK Paragliding XC League 2014

In 2014 we sponsored the UK Paragliding XC League (UKPGXCL) with prizes for the top 10 pilots in the Weekend League flying an EN C wing (or below). The winning pilots were:

Top 10 in the Weekend League - EN C or below:

Position, Name, Club, Wing, Points
2 Al Wilson Thames Valley Gin Carrera 606.4
7 Carlo Borsattino Southern Gin Carrera 469.2
10 David Smart North Yorks Ozone Delta 2 383.6
16 Tim Pentreath Avon Advance Sigma 8 280.1
17 Stephen Empringham Thames Valley Skywalk Chili 3 277.2
18 Alex Colbeck Dales Niviuk Artik 3 276.6
20 Mark Paterson Cumbria Ozone Delta 2 272.4
21 Jiri Loos Grupa 303 Axis Vega 4 272.1
24 Krzysztof Telus Pennine Skywalk Chili 3 263.8
25 Alex Coltman XClent UP Trango XC2 261.8

Each winning pilot gets a £25 Flybubble gift voucher to spend on anything listed on shop.flybubble.com!

Prizes by: Carlo Borsattino & Nancy Elliott, Flybubble.

See the 2014 UKPGXCL Weekend Flights league here.

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Advance IOTA: New High EN B series

ADVANCE launches the new IOTA Series, a High-Level EN B glider for ambitious  cross-country pilots. Featuring an optimized, low-weight design, the XC-Intermediate IOTA represents the most accommodating balance between performance and piloting ease within the entire ADVANCE product range. The high performance capabilities of the IOTA open the door to the world of long cross-country flights.

First deliveries expected January 2015.

Available to pre-order from Flybubble.

More »

Artik 4 : Niviuk's New EN C XC Wing

So, how does it compare with the Artik 3?

More performance. Easier handling. Softer inflation. Lighter. Turns more precisely and effortlessly.

EN D performance with EN C handling.

Looks stunning!

Sizes 23 and 25 have been certified EN C.

Available to pre-order from Flybubble now. More »

Skywalk ARRIBA3 - lightweight wing

The TEQUILA4 is THE benchmark for low level EN-B gliders.  A combination of safety features, agility and performance has made skywalk's all-rounder one of the most successful gliders of the 2014 season. 

With the brand-new ARRIBA3, skywalk has brought a lightweight model to the market that combines the versatility of the company's bestseller with the demands of a top-modern, lightweight wing. More »

Flymaster SD Series: New firmware with Airspaces & AGL

Flymaster have launched a new firmware version available for the Flymaster GPS SD, GPS SD+, NAV SD and LIVE SD flight instruments. With this new firmware installed these instruments are then capable of providing worldwide Airspaces and height Above Ground Level (AGL)

Besides the firmware update it is also necessary to insert an SD card with some specific data files on it (containing the Airspaces and AGL data). To get this you can either:

1) Download the Airspaces and AGL data files and copy them on to an SD card (see instructions); or
2) Purchase an SD Card with all the necessary Flymaster files on it here.

Advance LIGHTNESS 2 pod harness

In the LIGHTNESS 2, ADVANCE has refined an already established product. The second generation LIGHTNESS takes the best of the original and achieves more safety, comfort and looks. At weights from 2.8 kg the LIGHTNESS 2 is a light harness, for sure; but its integrated reserve, certified protector and much reduced drag coefficient make it fully suitable for the serious cross country pilot. It comes with its own special rucksack, and the new COMPRESSBAG light.

Available from http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/advance-lightness-2

Sup'Air DELIGHT 2 - light pod harness

A lightweight cross-country ‘hammock’ style harness with removable carbon mini seatplate enabling efficient piloting with good feedback. Easy to use with a dorsal reserve parachute container; a backrest fitted with 15 cm medium density foam protection, "Safe-T" leg straps, and self-stabilizing geometry. Running on take-off is easy due to the light weight and the position of the leg straps. 3.640kg complete (M), Certification: EN 1651. Available from December.

More information on http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/sup-air-delight2

Sup'Air START - the affordable reserve

A great new option for pilots on a budget. A simple well designed reserve parachute, easy to pack, and extremely stable. Sink rate below 5.5 m/s at max load (Certification: EN 12491). Pull-down Apex dome design with two colors to facilitate packing. Available in M (<100kg), L (<125kg) and Tandem (<215kg) sizes.

More information: http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/sup-air-start

Advance SIGMA 9 reviews unanimous - a Great glider!

Major paragliding magazines Cross-Country, Parapente, Parapente + and THERMIK have been putting the SIGMA 9 through its paces. And they are unanimous: the new ADVANCE performance intermediate is a top class EN C wing. Something especially stands out - all their reports emphasise the stress free SIGMA 9 flying, without having to pay for it in performance or precision. On the contrary: it’s exactly because the SIGMA 9 is stress free to fly that you can use all its potential performance.

Read what they have to say on our Sigma 9 page (scroll down to reviews).

High Adventure Beamer 3 family grows

Swiss manufacturer High Adventure is producing successors to its successful Beamer concept.

The new, small Beamer 3 covers a weight range up to 90 or 100 kg and is available in conventional as well as light version. It is intended for all light pilots, but also the roving paraglider and Hike & Fly community.

The small Beamer package for small/light equipment weighs just about 1230 grams. In standard build it weighs 1600 grams, including the inner container.

The Beamer 3 Light L has also been re-certified with a new max load of 130 kg, also valid for units already sold!

More »

Skywalk Chili 3 Limited Edition

Skywalk are now offering a special color combination for the CHILI3, their successful XC glider. The CHILI3 Limited Edition is available immediately in a limited run of just 45 gliders for all sizes.

If you value uniqueness and individuality, make sure to have your skywalk dealer reserve your Limited Edition today! Be the first pilot at your mountain with this unique color combination!

The Limited Edition is available from your skywalk dealer at no extra charge. Special color combinations will now no longer be available.

Available from Flybubble >

Sup'Air Skypper FR: Special Offer!

The fantastic Sup'Air Skypper FR harness is flown by many discerning XC and competition pilots. These include ex World Champion Charles Cazaux (who worked with Sup'Air to develop this model) and European vice champion Clement Latour. The Skypper FR integrates state of the art technologies: two reserve parachute pockets, high speed stability, superb handling abilities in thermals, streamlined and reduced drag. The Skypper FR harness is delivered fully set up (ready to fly).

Normal price £1495.
Special limited offer: £945 (save £550!)

Order yours here

Sup'Air Safety Notice: Check Your Buckles!

Unusual wear has been detected on a strap passing through the female part of the 30mm automatic buckles (mainly used in chest closure) on SUP'AIR harnesses. (pictured). If you have a SUP’AIR harness with automatic buckles, check your webbing! Read the full safety notice >

Gin Genie Race 3 harness

The Gin Genie Race 3 is the new racing harness from Gin Gliders. It is significantly lighter than the Race 2 and uses Edelrid buckles to allow thin webbing straps to be used.

It was designed and developed by PWC Champion Aaron Durogati. In developing the new racing harness, the Gin team used extensive wind tunnel testing and incorporated input from respected aerodynamicist and competition pilot Adrian Thomas to create a design that offers maximum performance by reducing drag forces in the cleanest profile flow ever produced by Gin.

The harness includes useful features like a hook knife in the shoulder pocket and big zip pockets on the side. It has a front mounted reserve, and second reserve beneath the seat, secured with plastic wire pin releases and a magnetic closure flap.

Find out more >


Skywalk Range Air Ultralight Harness

The Skywalk lightweight pod harness RANGE AIR scores high marks for safety with EN/LTF certification, yet it has a tiny packing volume because it is entirely air-inflated. Tested by the world’s toughest adventurers during the X-Alps 2013, the 1,9 kg serial version is a must have for pilots who want to optimize their equipment in terms of weight and aerodynamics. It has a 'hammock style' single layer seat, designed to offer hours of relaxed flying. The aerodynamic rear section was optimized in the Daimler wind tunnel. It inflates via the small lateral scoops and helps smoothen the airflow behind the pilot to 'significantly reduce' the aerodynamic drag. Find out more >



Kortel Kockpit Safe: A Klever Solution

When using a flight deck, there is a real risk of forgetting to fasten the legstraps. Several fatal accidents have happened despite modern harness systems that ensure at least one legstrap must be connected to be able to launch. The problem is that once a cockpit is in place, you lose visual contact with your straps and launching is possible without being attached. Find out more >

Lazer Element helmet

The Element is an affordable entry-level paragliding helmet from a trusted manufacturer. It comes in 2 shell sizes, which are adjustable using removable/washable foam pads. Available in white only.

Available from http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/lazer-element


Gin Atlas X-Alps in production!

The Atlas X-Alps—the light version of the Atlas—is here. Aimed at intermediate pilots looking for a light and compact wing, the Atlas X-Alps is around 1kg lighter than the Atlas with improved flying characteristics all-round.

S, M and L sizes are in production and available now.

More details: Gin Atlas X-Alps


Team pilot wins British Open

Flybubble team pilot Emile Van-Wyk won the 2014 British Open paragliding competition in Italy, flying an Ozone Enzo (yes, the original one).

1 Emile Van-Wyk       GBR    Ozone Enzo
2 Damien LACAZE    FRA     Ozone Enzo
3 Kirsty Cameron      GBR    Ozone Enzo 2
This was also the first round of the British Championships. Well done to top female pilots Kirsty Cameron (3rd place overall) and Nicole Fedele (7th overall). Congrats also to Flybubble team pilot Malin Lobb for doing well in his first ever international competition on brand new Niviuk Peak 3.

Results - British Paragliding Championships 2014 Italy  ::  British Championships website  ::  British Team Paragliding blog


Nova TRITON 2 (EN C)

Nova says that their new TRITON 2 (EN C) is “the highest performing wing we have ever produced. Our goal wasn't just excellent performance in still air – the wing had to set a benchmark with regard to handling, safety and usable performance (gliding in turbulent air). We wanted to produce the ultimate cross-country machine.”

In terms of pilot skill requirement, the TRITON 2 is comparable to its predecessor, the TRITON 1. During certification testing Nova did not use folding lines. Rods are only used in the leading edge. With a flat aspect ratio of 6.4, the TRITON 2 is clearly a high performance wing and is suitable only for very experienced pilots.

More info: http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/nova-triton-2


Fresh thermals at FLYTEC

The Flytec 7030 will not be produced as announced previously. Flytec's new manager, Jorg Ewald has said: "I will inform you over the next few weeks in detail about the future Flytec devices." See the full official announcement from Flytec >

Gin FUSE: New tandem with EPT

The Fuse is Gin Gliders' new tandem wing for pro tandem pilots—available now.

The Fuse contains the same EPT (Equalized Pressure Technology) that’s at the heart of their XC wing, the Carrera. EPT means a better launch, a better landing and a better flight all-round! The Fuse is both reliable and efficient for commercial use, yet makes no compromises when flown for pure pleasure.

More details: http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/gin-gliders-fuse


GIN Atlas X-Alps certified, in production

The GIN Atlas X-Alps—the light version of the Atlas—is here. Aimed at intermediate pilots looking for a light and compact wing, the Atlas X-Alps is around 1kg lighter than the Atlas with improved flying characteristics all-round. S, M and L sizes are in production and available now.

More details: http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/gin-gliders-atlas-x-alps

Syride SYS'Nav (83g alti-vario-GPS)

The lightest complete navigation instrument on the market, the SYS'Nav contains some great features for competition and XC pilots.

A 2D map shows airspaces, waypoints, real-time-computed optimized route, and mountains around you to increase your safety. Areas that are between 0 and 300m heigh over your current altitude are shown in light grey, whereas areas that are over 300m heigh from your current altitude are shown in dark grey.

AGL airspace altitudes are handled thanks to topography support as well.

The really exceptional feature: it weighs 83 grams! Find out more >



Naviter Oudie 3: another great review

Cross Country Magazine reviewed the Naviter Oudie 3 on Youtube

This brilliant all-in-one flight instrument is available now from Flybubble at http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/naviter-oudie-3



Gin Yeti Front Container

Weighing only 180g, the Yeti front container has an integrated bridle and hang loops to neatly and conveniently attach your Yeti rescue to your main carabiners.



New bags from Sup'Air

Sup'Air have released three new bags:
The Sup'Air XA 13 Backpack is a light, functional hike-and-fly race backpack, developed for the X-Alps 2013.
The Sup'Air Bird 150 Backpack is a large (150L) backpack for a tandem or bulky solo kit
The Sup'Air Tandem Stuff-Bag provides tandem pilots with a quick pack that can be carried like a backpack.
Flybubble is the Sup'Air distributor and main dealer for the UK South. We hold stock and provide fast reliable supply.

Sup'Air XA13 harness in stock

We've just received our first Sup'Air XA 13 in stock. It is an ultra-lightweight (approx. 2370 g) seatplateless pod harness which is both EN and LTF certified. It offers both foam and air bag protection, and an integrated front reserve container with flight deck. The first pilot to try the XA 13 ordered one! http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/sup-air-xa13


Icaro Nerv helmets now available

The new ICARO NERV is a light, comfortable and modern helmet with EN966 certification and a very strong polycarbonate shell. Made in Italy. http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/icaro-nerv


Advance Progress 2 harness in stock

We've received our first PROGRESS 2 seatplateless reversible harness-rucksack in stock. Advance raise the bar yet again with an innovative, top quality product! Very comfortable to sit in, with a very nice feeling. Extremely comfortable rucksack with lots of useful features. Lots of clever features and details which make it a pleasure to use. As always with Advance, the build quality is absolutely top-notch - like a work of art! We like it a lot. Find out more: http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/advance-progress-2


Memory-Map OS 1:50k GB 2014 HD

High definition OS Landranger 1:50,000 maps for the whole of Great Britain. Use these detailed OS maps to plan walks, mountain bike trails, print your own maps and program routes and waypoints into a GPS.

More info >


Sup'Air EVO XC3 (harness)

A streamlined design for freeflying, XC and competitions, the new EVO XC3 is a great choice for all levels of pilots. Including the trustworthy Bumpair 17 XC dorsal protection, it's an extremely comfortable harness.

The optional Speedbag enables a progression toward performance flying (and added warmth).

Available to order now! More info on http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/sup-air-evo-xc3

Ozone RUSH 4 (EN B)

The Ozone Rush 4 is the Delta 2’s little brother. A high-end EN B design that features Ozone's SharkNose profile to provide better performance and stability with 25% reduction in line drag compared to its predecessor. 

It is available to order now! Find out more on http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/ozone-rush-4

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