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Safety Notice: Gin Combi Container

A few handles have been found to have insufficient stitching which could result in the handle tearing during use, so Gin Gliders are recalling the entire production batch to ensure that the safety of pilots is guaranteed. If you bought one from us after June 2014, contact us for a replacement rescue handle (free of charge).

Read the full safety notice >

More info on the Gin Combi Container >

New features for Syride SYS'Nav V3

There's new firmware available for the SYS'Nav V3 which includes a great new feature: the Transition Assistant! It's a unique innovation. 

Thanks to the worldwide topography data contained within the SYS'Nav, this feature displays a cross section of the topography 10 km in front of you and plots your expected glide path through the air to calculate your anticipated landing spot. A great help for transitions! You can now see in an instant if your transition will be successful or not. (This feature is available in "Floor Height" items in the SSC Tool.)

Syride have also added a Thermal Core feature that helps you to get the most out of the lift.

To upgrade your firmware, simply connect your SYS'Nav V3 to your PC and run the SYS'PC program (it usually autostarts).

Find out more about the SYS'Nav V3 >

sys'nav v3 new features

New paramotor helmet from Icaro: Solar X

The new Solar X replaces Icaro's very popular Fly UL paramotor helmet. It has the same shape as the Nerv freeflight helmet, expressly modified for paramotor pilots.

As used by Andree Borschberg with Icaro ICE headsets whilst flying the Solar Impulse 2 from Japan to Hawaii! Solar Impulse is the only airplane of perpetual endurance, able to fly day and night on solar power, without a drop of fuel. Icaro is proud to contribute to this incredible mission. The two famous pilots Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg wore our helmets with our ICE headsets. In honour of this exploit we call this new helmet Solar X. More »

Advance IOTA Test Reports

It is not often that Advance launches a new wing series, and the new High-End EN B was awaited with eager anticipation. Straightaway, all the important magazines asked for an IOTA for a test report. Parapente + has published a detailed IOTA report in their latest edition. Before that Parapente Mag was first, followed by the German language Thermik who published an IOTA test after their two sessions in the Canary Islands. Cross Country’s report came out in their April edition.

"The IOTA takes on board the latest technologies and demonstrates a perfect upper wing surface and workmanship; the wing has exceptional performance and is precise to control - close to perfection." Laurent van Hille, Parapente+n°441, july-august 2015

"It is neither a souped-up EPSILON nor a de-tuned SIGMA, but has its own character and a string of great qualities, which will make it a reference for the future." Cédric Nieddu, Parapente Mag, no 158

"The IOTA is a new, completely independent design, glittering with the high feel-good factor that comes of very successfully coordinated characteristics." Norbert Aprissnig, THERMIK Magazin, Issue 3_2015

"I checked this with a number of other test pilots and everyone felt the same. it`s rare for an experienced test pilot to experience this "love at first flight" feeling, but it does happen occasionally." Norbert Aprissnig, Cross Country Magazine, Edition 158

Why not trial the IOTA this weekend? Contact Flybubble to arrange a test flight on our demo.

More information on the IOTA >

Advance OMEGA XALPS: Ready for Take off

Only a few days ago ADVANCE introduced the new X-Alps wing and straight away it has to prove itself in the world’s hardest paraglider event. But the ADVANCE X-Alps-team surrounding Chrigel Maurer and Sebastian Huber have no doubts that the OMEGA XALPS is perfectly suited to this challenge. Chrigel’s comment about the wing: “The OMEGA XALPS is the perfect balance of light weight and high performance. I really like the short, precise steering travel together with the long brake distance available. This makes it fun to fly, but gives a good safety margin in turbulence.” This combination of fun and safety is available to all ambitious pilots - the OMEGA XALPS can be ordered now. More »

New Syride SYS'Nav v3

The best selling Syride SYS'Nav has been upgraded with the latest technology.

Thanks to an internal SD card, the SYS'Nav V3 now embeds worldwide topography and airspaces. This means the total weight of the unit, including SD card, has gone up very slightly, from 83 to 90 grams - still the lightest fully-featured dedicated all-in-one flight instrument around!

Latest generation electronic components give the SYS'Nav V3 almost twice the autonomy of its predecessor, upgrading from 25h to 45h, a real advantage for pilots for such a small and lightweight instrument.

Despite it's small size (the same as the original SYS'Nav) the SYS'Nav V3 can hold 1500 hours of flight logs, 25000 waypoints and 150 routes.

Other SYS'Nav V3 features include G-meter, navigation features (goto, routes), thermal sniffer and customisable screens. Due to it's small size and built-in Velcro straps, the SYS'Nav V3 can be mounted on risers, legs, cockpits or tandem spreaders.

The price of the SYS'Nav V3 remains the same as its predecessor, £299, also making it exceptional value for money.

Available from UK Syride dealers. Find out more about the Syride SYS'Nav V3 >

Niviuk Reserves: Octagon and Cires

Niviuk have introduced two new reserve parachutes.

Niviuk say: "Due to its octagonal shape, the revolutionary design of the Octagon delivers higher safety levels, superb descent stability and ultralight weight (1.39 kg in size M). The Octagon’s oscillation factor is 0-5º (other models: 10-15º) and its descent rate is 4,9 m/s at maximum load in size M (against 5,3m/s with other models). 

The Cires is a more functional model. Three different sizes (M, L and Tandem) designed with top quality light materials for a 1.7 kg weight in size M. The Cires descent rate is 5 m/s and its oscillation factor 5-15º off from its vertical axis."

Find out more >

Naviter Oudie 3 upgraded to Oudie 3+

The improved Oudie 3+ (for paragliding) is now available from Naviter dealers world-wide.

It has received the following upgrades:

* A new screen with significantly improved visibility when viewed from an angle
* A charging light
Improved battery chemistry for better low temperature endurance
* An optional leg strap and jacket for easy mounting (when no cockpit is available)

Naviter is offering an upgrade path for the existing Oudie 3 users.

More »

Flytec Connect 1 in production

The Connect 1 is ready!

The first ever smart vario is good to go! Flytec have started with the serial production of the Connect 1. 


What makes the Connect 1 special?

■ The only vario to update itself over wireless internet
■ Automatically updates its software, later it will also update airspace data including NOTAM where available
■ Direct download of tasks and tracklog uploading

Developed from the ground up to be a vario of high-quality, longevity, robustness and economy – incorporating 33 years of experience in building flight instruments.


Price and road map

Each price level is associated with a level of functionality and features. All features that are introduced after purchase are for free until the Connect 1 has reached its full functionality.

Connect 1 roadmap

So a pilot who decides to buy an earlier version of the Connect 1 will have fewer features at a lower price and will receive all subsequent updates for free, until the vario has reached its full functionality.


Software updates
Planned software update every four weeks (unless we hit serious obstacles)


Further information on the Connect 1 website

Order on http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/flytec-connect-1

Safety Notice: Gin Genie Race 3

A pilot reported that the main rescue bridle failed at the shoulder connection points following a rescue parachute deployment on a Gin Genie Race 3 harness. Although the harnesses exceed the certification minima, Gin Gliders recommends connecting each main rescue bridle to the front rescue bridle connection point for added safety.

Read the full safety notice >

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