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Kortel safety notice: reserve handles

Kortel have informed us of potential quality problems on some of their reserve handles. For more details, see here.

Advance IOTA turning heads

When ADVANCE introduced a new 'high end EN B' paraglider series in their range, fitting in to what Flybubble call XC class, the chatter about the IOTA quickly went round the paragliding world. Something like this was bound attract the curiosity of mag editors and testers alike.

There's no predecessor to compare this IOTA with, but you can ask yourself if it succeeds in making its jump into the gang of high-performing intermediates? Parapente Mag from France published the first test, and now German language THERMIK joins in with a detailed report in its current issue.

"The IOTA has found its own place in the ADVANCE palette. Everything about it is optimised, a great achievement!"

Cedric Nieddu, Parapente Mag

For Cedric Nieddu everything about the IOTA is optimised - from its looks to its performance; continuing on to its user-friendliness. "It's not an over-bred EPSILON, or a tamed-down SIGMA", he reported in the French Parapente Mag n° 158. Its individual character and magnificent qualities could well make the IOTA the High-End B class benchmark, thanks to superlative performance coupled with very good-natured behaviour. The current Parapente Mag is on sale at the moment.

"We will be seeing the IOTA again in the results of various XC competitions!"

Norbert Aprissnig, THERMIK Magazine

The Thermik 3/2015 verdict is clear: editor and test pilot Norbert Aprissnig is enthusiastic - in the truest sense of the word. He said: "In a long testing career one seldom experiences such a thing, but very occasionally it's love at first sight." Norbert is especially entranced by the flawless workmanship teamed with very well-tuned damped behaviour. Likewise he enthuses about the perfect climbing qualities as well as a high feel-good factor. This latter is essential for long XC flights.

More about the Advance IOTA

Flybubble Colombia XC Jan-Feb 2015

Nancy and Carlo from Flybubble decided to escape the winter and head to Colombia for a couple of weeks. The main aim of their trip was to have fun, soak up the sun and Colombian culture, and enjoy the flying. They were very lucky with the weather - it was flyable every day - and enjoyed lots of great XC flying during their stay.

Conditions were sometimes very good but often quite slow and tricky so lots of patience and gear-changing was required to make the most of each day. Even so Carlo managed over 46 hours airtime and over 765 km of XC distance in total, all of which was done with his new Advance LIGHTNESS 2 harness, and most of which flown on the new Advance IOTA high EN-B wing.

Nancy also flew the IOTA on a few days and loves it too!

Carlo has entered a few of his flights on the international UKPGXCL.

Flytec Element: new images, info & first stock!

The first small batch of Flytec Element have arrived in stock, and they look very good! New images and product info here.

Flybubble Sponsor Prizes for UK Paragliding XC League 2014

In 2014 we sponsored the UK Paragliding XC League (UKPGXCL) with prizes for the top 10 pilots in the Weekend League flying an EN C wing (or below). The winning pilots were:

Top 10 in the Weekend League - EN C or below:

Position, Name, Club, Wing, Points
2 Al Wilson Thames Valley Gin Carrera 606.4
7 Carlo Borsattino Southern Gin Carrera 469.2
10 David Smart North Yorks Ozone Delta 2 383.6
16 Tim Pentreath Avon Advance Sigma 8 280.1
17 Stephen Empringham Thames Valley Skywalk Chili 3 277.2
18 Alex Colbeck Dales Niviuk Artik 3 276.6
20 Mark Paterson Cumbria Ozone Delta 2 272.4
21 Jiri Loos Grupa 303 Axis Vega 4 272.1
24 Krzysztof Telus Pennine Skywalk Chili 3 263.8
25 Alex Coltman XClent UP Trango XC2 261.8

Each winning pilot gets a £25 Flybubble gift voucher to spend on anything listed on shop.flybubble.com!

Prizes by: Carlo Borsattino & Nancy Elliott, Flybubble.

See the 2014 UKPGXCL Weekend Flights league here.

Syride Xmas 2014 contest winner: Darren Shepherd

Flybubble customer Darren Shepherd was one of the lucky winners of Syride Xmas 2014 contest, winning a Syride SYS'Nav all-in-one flight instrument, worth £325!

Darren was so pleased that he 'popped over' to Flybubble collect his prize (4+ hours drive each way!) and bought a few more goodies whilst he was here.

Afterwards he wrote: "Many thanks to Flybubble Paragliding, not just for the great cup of tea with biscuits but also for being able to kit me out with the latest top quality high end equipment, and for presenting me with my prize from Syride, a shiny new SYS'Nav, and not forgetting the few freebies they have on offer while stocks last so grab them while you can. A very happy chappy. Thank you Carlo Borsattino and Nancy Elliott."

Thank you Darren, enjoy all your fab new kit!

Fine out more about the Syride SYS'Nav

Safety Notice: Skywalk MASALA2

Skywalk have issued an urgent safety notice regarding all sizes of their ultra-lightweight paraglider, MASALA2.

When reverse launching a Skywalk Masala 2, a pilot had the rear riser (C / D) tear at the stitching with the B-riser. The pilot managed to abort take-off, and was unhurt.

Skywalk's investigation with the DHV has found that if enough force is applied in the opposing direction to normal flight then failure could occur.

All Skywalk MASALA2s must be checked by the manufacturer and must not be flown before then.

For more information, see the original safety notice in German here.

Download the safety notice in English here.

SHGC 2014 XC Season Roundup

And so another year - and another SHGC flying season - comes to a wintry end. But what kind of year was it for SHGC pilots for cross country (XC) flying, both from SHGC sites and all around the UK? Were lots of XC flights done? Were new PBs made, and any records broken? New routes taken? Who won the Sussex, Martini and Novice leagues? Who was top lady? Best newcomer? Most improved? And did anyone blow the socks off everyone enough to warrant the coveted Outstanding Achievement award?

All of this, and much more, was revealed at the excellent SHGC Xmas Dinner Party & Awards Ceremony, which was superbly organised by our new SHGC social secretary, Simon Steel. More »

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SeeYou 6.2 with new Hints & Discount Coupon

SeeYou version 6.2 has been released.

The major new addition to SeeYou 6.2 are the new hint boxes: Airspace hints and Waypoint hints.

Other minor improvements and a few bug fixes were also made.

The update is free for everyone with a current SeeYou subscription. For everyone else there is a discount coupon, valid until December 31st 2014.

More »

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