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Naviter Oudie 3 upgraded to Oudie 3+

The improved Oudie 3+ (for paragliding) is now available from Naviter dealers world-wide.

It has received the following upgrades:

* A new screen with significantly improved visibility when viewed from an angle
* A charging light
Improved battery chemistry for better low temperature endurance
* An optional leg strap and jacket for easy mounting (when no cockpit is available)

Naviter is offering an upgrade path for the existing Oudie 3 users.

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Flytec Connect 1 in production

The Connect 1 is ready!

The first ever smart vario is good to go! Flytec have started with the serial production of the Connect 1. 


What makes the Connect 1 special?

■ The only vario to update itself over wireless internet
■ Automatically updates its software, later it will also update airspace data including NOTAM where available
■ Direct download of tasks and tracklog uploading

Developed from the ground up to be a vario of high-quality, longevity, robustness and economy – incorporating 33 years of experience in building flight instruments.


Price and road map

Each price level is associated with a level of functionality and features. All features that are introduced after purchase are for free until the Connect 1 has reached its full functionality.

Connect 1 roadmap

So a pilot who decides to buy an earlier version of the Connect 1 will have fewer features at a lower price and will receive all subsequent updates for free, until the vario has reached its full functionality.


Software updates
Planned software update every four weeks (unless we hit serious obstacles)


Further information on the Connect 1 website

Order on http://shop.flybubble.co.uk/flytec-connect-1

Safety Notice: Gin Genie Race 3

A pilot reported that the main rescue bridle failed at the shoulder connection points following a rescue parachute deployment on a Gin Genie Race 3 harness. Although the harnesses exceed the certification minima, Gin Gliders recommends connecting each main rescue bridle to the front rescue bridle connection point for added safety.

Read the full safety notice >

Safety Notice: Kortel Kolibri harness

27/04/2015 Kortel Kolibri Harness rings

There is a potential problem on the forged rings of the Kolibri harness, which may break under load. The ring is not used in the main structure of the harness, it supports the lumbar and pelvic setting only.

For more details and serial numbers concerned, see the full safety notice.

Safety Notice: Sup'Air reserve handle

31/03/2015 WALIBI² and EVASION² reserve parachute handle extraction

Sup'Air have issued a safety notice regarding extraction problems for the rescue handle.

Although it relates to their EVASION² and WALIBI² tandem harnesses, it's worth considering the recommended solution if you have long velcro strips on your reserve handle system.

Simply blocking off some of the excess velcro reduces the gripping force and prevents it from becoming a problem.

The bonding can also be overcome by removing the reserve handle and replacing it gently during every Daily Equipment Inspection. 

Download the full safety notice here

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Closure Remember System (CRS) on Advance LIGHTNESS 2

23.03.2015 | There have been one or two cases of the CRS opening in flight, and this also allows the speedbag to open. This is not a safety issue because the harness remains closed. More »

Kortel safety notice: reserve handles

Kortel have informed us of potential quality problems on some of their reserve handles. For more details, see here.

Advance IOTA turning heads

When ADVANCE introduced a new 'high end EN B' paraglider series in their range, fitting in to what Flybubble call XC class, the chatter about the IOTA quickly went round the paragliding world. Something like this was bound attract the curiosity of mag editors and testers alike.

There's no predecessor to compare this IOTA with, but you can ask yourself if it succeeds in making its jump into the gang of high-performing intermediates? Parapente Mag from France published the first test, and now German language THERMIK joins in with a detailed report in its current issue.

"The IOTA has found its own place in the ADVANCE palette. Everything about it is optimised, a great achievement!"

Cedric Nieddu, Parapente Mag

For Cedric Nieddu everything about the IOTA is optimised - from its looks to its performance; continuing on to its user-friendliness. "It's not an over-bred EPSILON, or a tamed-down SIGMA", he reported in the French Parapente Mag n° 158. Its individual character and magnificent qualities could well make the IOTA the High-End B class benchmark, thanks to superlative performance coupled with very good-natured behaviour. The current Parapente Mag is on sale at the moment.

"We will be seeing the IOTA again in the results of various XC competitions!"

Norbert Aprissnig, THERMIK Magazine

The Thermik 3/2015 verdict is clear: editor and test pilot Norbert Aprissnig is enthusiastic - in the truest sense of the word. He said: "In a long testing career one seldom experiences such a thing, but very occasionally it's love at first sight." Norbert is especially entranced by the flawless workmanship teamed with very well-tuned damped behaviour. Likewise he enthuses about the perfect climbing qualities as well as a high feel-good factor. This latter is essential for long XC flights.

More about the Advance IOTA

Flybubble Colombia XC Jan-Feb 2015

Nancy and Carlo from Flybubble decided to escape the winter and head to Colombia for a couple of weeks. The main aim of their trip was to have fun, soak up the sun and Colombian culture, and enjoy the flying. They were very lucky with the weather - it was flyable every day - and enjoyed lots of great XC flying during their stay.

Conditions were sometimes very good but often quite slow and tricky so lots of patience and gear-changing was required to make the most of each day. Even so Carlo managed over 46 hours airtime and over 765 km of XC distance in total, all of which was done with his new Advance LIGHTNESS 2 harness, and most of which flown on the new Advance IOTA high EN-B wing.

Nancy also flew the IOTA on a few days and loves it too!

Carlo has entered a few of his flights on the international UKPGXCL.

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