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Grita Rose-Innes - Distance Learning Academy

Carlo and I flew XC tandem... a fantastic and brilliant XC flight on which I learnt so much about distance flying.

Carlo pointed to cumulus clouds ... which we should be considering. spot on.

... this was the perfect XC flight for me.

It was great fun flying together... I learnt a great deal about distance flying.

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John Turczak - Distance Learning Academy

I totally recommend an instructional tandem flight.

I learned how to

... look at everything that can help identify thermals

... keep pushing out looking for the lift away from the hill.

... get into the thermal that will get you up

... keep working the small lift until you get there. 

I would've missed out on the best lift I got all day if I had just turned... as I might've done before.

I also found that sheer joy of being free from the hill and going on an XC.

Now for the next time I can get out there and go for this myself.

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Peter Reed - Distance Learning Academy

Thanks for the DLA flight, I certainly learnt a lot... and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Thermalling techniques aside, it was great to see how you simply navigated the busy traffic and still managed to find space.

With your guidance it was great to gain the height we did and push out from the hill.

I enjoyed doing the figure of eights near the hill and feel much happier to now try these without assistance.

I am looking forward to getting the hours in and gaining the confidence to go cross country.

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Rob Houston - XC Trip

Huge thank you for a fantastic trip. It was the most fun I have ever had on string! Simply the best thing I have ever done! The flying was the best I have ever done in terms of location, instruction, and conditions. I can't wait to go again!

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Andre Byard - XC Trip

Thank you for another great trip. All aspects of my flying really have improved as a result of your guidance and instruction. I gained a lot more airtime and confidence in my thermaling ability. Many thanks, Andre.

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Steve Pearce - XC Trip

Thanks for a great week. I achieved many of the things I had been hoping to do, whilst always feeling safe and on the receiving end of good advice and guidance. I became a better pilot and had my eyes opened to the gaps in my knowledge and experience.

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Anna Jones - London

I wanted to tell you that we had a fantastic holiday. Such an amazing location, great people and fantastic instructors. So thanks Flybubble! 

After a couple of days of easy top to bottoms or gentle thermaling I rebuilt my confidence. 
By the end of the week I was doing two hour thermal flights higher than the mountains! 
Anna xx

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Feedback from paraglider pilots who went on the Flybubble Spain paragliding trip in October November 2009...

John Hughes - Trips

Having trained with Carlo and recently passed my CP I knew this would be a good opportunity to get in some flying knowing we were in good hands. This coupled with our hosts excellent local knowledge meant we had some excellent flights in excellent conditions.

Looking forward to another trip next year sometime.


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Si Brewster - Trips

The trip was excellent and I know I will benefit greatly from everything I learnt and fly better and safer.

Also thanks a million for the photos…

Thanks again and I also hope to see you soon. 

Cheers Si

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Peter Impey - Trips

I really enjoyed my time at Algo. A great location and good set up all round. All served up with the usual thorough Flybubble guiding and mentoring.

Great area; hilly / mountainous, but with plenty of space around for relaxed outlandings.

Magic Griffon Vulture thermal-markers all over the place.

Thanks for organising it all so well - I'll look forward to the next time!

All the best, Pete

PS. Care needed in the bars though. It can get a bit turbulent and I took a couple of collapses when rotored by the Cognac...

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Pilot feedback from our paragliding trips to southern Spain in October to November 2012...

Flybubble Spain 2012 week 1

James Penn - London

I had a fantastic trip, many thanks to you and Nancy, and the team in Spain. Your planning and preparation made the whole experience so much more enjoyable; maximised our airtime and minimised stress!  I hope you'll agree, but I felt my flying has improved hugely over the trip and I'm looking forward to getting back out on the hill in the UK now and getting higher and further :) 

My favourite moment without doubt was setting off cross-country with you and Ian and Martin.  It was my first XC and I'll never forget it - committing to flying out into the valley towards 20+ circling vultures… joining them and feeling the reward of a big thermal was incredible. That and the Paella!

Thanks for organising a fantastic trip, I had a blast. Now looking forward to doing it all again next year!

Many, many thanks to you both; I hope you are enjoying some well earnt rest…


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Iain James - Nether Wallop, Hampshire

This was my 6th overseas trip this year... but yours really did "throw all the sixes". 

Flybubble is the Rolls Royce of flying experiences. Why? First and foremost because every pilot is treated with respect, and given advice on the ground and in the air that is totally in tune not just with their experience and ability, but also suited to their character. It doesn't matter if the pilot has 5, 50 or 500 flying hours, they will learn and develop. There were no school favourites and no egos to be massaged. I don't think any other UK school or flying organisation can match the depth and breadth of instructor experience and proven world class level talent that we enjoyed on that trip. Secondly the administration is faultless, and again, you and Nancy were constantly focused on looking after the group (compared to some organisations with the organisers being "on holiday" themselves). 

Favourite moments: Thermalling together with Helen and the vultures (I did manage to work out which was which) in the magic evening lift at Poniente; picking up a weak thermal way below T/O height over the Levante landing field, and managing to stay in it for a single height gain of over 4000ft, then heading off with you and Nancy to land out past Prune; and then almost getting a repeat a few days later; getting the "rabbit out of the hat" beach soaring. 

Thanks again to both Carlo and Nancy for a truly awesome trip. Some great flying, with guiding and coaching from pilots with world class credentials that very few others on the scene can even hope to emulate. 


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Janos Kovacs - St. Brelade, Jersey

Just back from an amazing holiday... with Flybubble Paragliding. I went on this trip with them for two weeks and wish to share my experience with anyone looking for a perfect paragliding trip or paragliding school. 

I finished my BHPA club pilot training with Flybubble this April, and was amazed with the whole training; it was very professional, helpful and personal. They helped me to find the right kit (wing, harness, etc. from their massive stock) which best suited me, and my level of skills. Big thanks for that! Since then I knew will join Flybubble on their next trip. 

Before the trip we had lots of useful information from Flybubble about all the things you need or are recommended to have. From the beginning, the whole trip went really well. Flybubble did everything to have you up in the air as much as possible. This included Nancy and Carlo doing a lot of late night weather checks, and also early morning ones, checking many weather sites to ensure we'd get the best out of the conditions.

We flew many beautiful sites and most of them are suitable for every level of skills, like a big playground! Nancy and Carlo, Jose, Bea, Javier, the team, assisted you from take-off, while in the air, through landing. On my very first thermaling, I reached cloudbase and actually flew into the beauty of the cloud. What an amazing day it was! :):):))

After every amazing flying day we all sat down and shared our experiences, of course with a "Cerveza Grande" or Rioja and lots of Spanish tapas, while we laughed a lot :) 

Bunch of lovely people with all the same interest: FLYING... 

Thank you very much all of you for this amazing trip, and hopefully see you soon up in the air! 

Especially big thanks for Flybubble team! 

Happy Landings, 

Janos - aka: the crazy Hungarian from Jersey

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