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UK Paragliding Courses

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Some feedback from people who've learnt to paraglide with Flybubble Paragliding in the UK...

Lawrence Fansa - UK Course

I learnt with Carlo at Flybubble and hold nothing but praise for these guys.

Winter training has been excellent for me, soaring days, stable air - managed 99% of my training in the space of two weeks.

From my experience I'd say train in the UK, you get to meet the guys on the hill and in local clubs, pitching up to a site on your own doesn't become so daunting then.

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Helen James - UK Course

The more students are taught by Flybubble the safer the skies will be for all of us! 
Thanks again, Helen 

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Alay Patel - UK Course

Thank you for your professional coaching over the weekend... and you too Nancy! 

The tandem flight was great and yes, I certainly did learn a lot... thanks for that. 

Many thanks... and see you on those hills! Al

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Andrew Eeles - UK Course

Thank you for all of your coaching efforts. I really enjoyed the overall process (which was quite different to my early hangliding days) and feel very well placed to progress further (hopefully XC before too long). Good luck with the School.

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Chris Roberts - UK Course

Thanks for my first day it was excellent fun (if a little warm). 

I'd like to book the second day. 

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Owen Wilson - UK Course

I thought the tandem flight was tremendously beneficial. I'm really glad that I was flying on a tandem for my first soaring flight as I think I would have been unnerved by the other gliders by myself. When I do get to soar by myself I will be able to think back to that situation which makes it all much clearer than just looking at books or watching other flyers.

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Christophe Boudet - UK Course

Great day... looking forward to the next session!

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Francisco Nascimento - UK Course

Achieving BHPA Club Pilot rating: Thank you all @ Team Flybubble - without you this would have never happened. Thank you for all the good advice, patience, tips, constructive criticism and encouragement!

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Gary Hunter - UK Course

Thank you very much for a fantastic three days, and even more thanks for getting my feet well above ground level on my first day.

You're instruction and safety are second to none, and I can't wait to see you soon to continue my training.

Take care, Gary

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Gavin Newton - UK Course

Thanks for the excellent training over the weekend, I had a great time. After my high flight I'm really looking forward to some more and then some soaring :)

Big thanks for the tandem, getting a taste of what to expect from the sport gave me big smiles.
And to top off the weekend, I discovered I am also free next weekend after all, so was wondering if you have any spaces.
Thanks, Gav

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Gavin Wye - UK Course

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for a great day. I was throughly exhausted by the end of the day but well worth it.

An added bonus having 1 to 1 tuition!

I still haven't been able to describe the feeling of the ground disappearing from under me to anyone.

All in all a great day, I'll be back soon I hope.

Thanks again, Gavin

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Bob Ball & Ken Cristie - UK Course

Many thanks for the excellent introduction to the sport and the excellent tuition.
We both of us realise that there is much to learn.

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Gerry Bradnam - UK Course

Thank you for all your efforts in getting me airborne.

The training provided by the team at Flybubble was well organised, professional and great fun. Your advice on equipment has also proved invaluable and the continued help and encouragement you still give me on the hillside is much appreciated.

I asked for the course to be as quick as possible and you made every effort to oblige. I always felt that the training was conducted at a good but safe pace that suited me and built my confidence. 

I have already recommended Flybubble to a number of friends and would be happy to be used as a reference for anyone considering them. 

The post-CP paragliding trip was one of the best activity holidays I have been on and I have been on quite a number. I certainly hope to join you on any future trips. 

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Helen James - UK Course

After my unsatisfactory experiences with a couple of schools I found Flybubble who gave me the most thorough and careful instruction I have ever received and who have never sold me anything that is less than perfect for my needs.

In my view it is far better to pick a school that trains each student as an individual and takes the time to advise you on the equipment you need rather than pushing the stuff with the biggest margin for them.

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Janos Kovacs - UK Course

Big thanks to the Flybubble team! 

I wish to share my experience with anyone looking for a perfect paragliding school. 

I finished my BHPA club pilot training with Flybubble this April, and was amazed with the whole training; it was very professional, helpful and personal.

They helped me to find the right kit (wing, harness, etc. from their massive stock) which best suited me, and my level of skills. Big thanks for that! 

Happy Landings, Janos

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Jenni Fleming - UK Course

Thanks for a great day yesterday. I'd really like to carry on with the training and do the EP course - getting started as soon as possible... Just let me know what you need from me in order to continue!

Thanks for a great day's flying and I'll hopefully see you in a couple of weeks.

All the best, Jenni

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John Brettoner - UK Course

I had a great day yesterday and so did Annette... it was great fun and it reminded me of why I wanted to fly in the first place!

I really appreciate your input and the way that you brought certain things to my attention. I now feel sure that I'm finally on the right track with regard to getting my CP signed off.

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Justin Bird - UK Course

I recently passed my EP with Flybubble Paragliding, will be completing my CP.

Both Carlo and Nancy are great teachers and I can highly recommend them as a school.

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John Flynn - UK Course

Regards my training, the quality of training, support and expertise provided by you has far exceeded my expectations.

I have no doubt I am with the best school operating on the South Downs.

I'd like to continue my training with you guys.

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Ken D'Souza - UK Course

Thank you for a great day, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have my fingers crossed that my next date has good weather. See you all then.

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