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87km by Paraglider in UK Winter!

It's generally agreed by most freeflight pilots - paragliders and hang gliders - that the cross country (XC) season in northern Europe starts in April.

For example, the UK Paragliding XC League (UKPGXCL) runs a Winter League which ends on 31st March 2015, despite Spring officially starting on the 1st of March in the northern hemisphere.

This doesn't seem to tie up with reality as a lot of big flights are flown in northern Europe in March every year.

However very few notable XC flights have been flown in February in the UK, with the biggest recorded on the UKPGXCL before 2015 being 55km by Simon Twiss in February 2014.

The weather forecasts for Friday 27th February 2015 showed it looking very good for free flying in the south of England with some potential for XC but the risk of it being a bit breezy for paragliding. Could this turn out to be a big February day?

The best way to find out was to give it a try... More »

Nova Mentor 4: First Flight Review

The Nova Mentor 4 is an update of the Mentor series which dominated the XC class for a long time. Have Nova improved a winning formula? Find out >

Kortel Kolibri Backpack Review

The Kolibri Backpack is designed for back country adventurers who need a lightweight backpack with good carrying structure and enough volume for bivouac gear. We think Kortel have done a fantastic job! Read more >

Choose The Right Paraglider

With so many brands and models to choose from, finding the perfect paraglider can be a real challenge. In this article we will demystify the process, by considering various aspects that affect your choice. Firstly, what is the difference between the various classes? More >

Niviuk Artik 4 (EN C): First Impressions

Flybubble fluffs out the Artik 4 and takes the new EN C wing into the English skies. Is this updated cross-country wing from Niviuk worth your attention? We think so! Read more >

Gin GTO 2 (EN D): First Impressions

The GTO 2 from Gin Gliders is a lightweight wing with a high aspect ratio, built for performance.

Designed for both hike-and-fly racers and adventurous XC pilots, it is a 3-lined design that should prove to be more forgiving and versatile than some of the recent 2-liner EN D wings.

Not to mention that it's unbelievably light! We were keen to get our hands on one and test it out.

We don't do exhaustive testing for our First Impressions series: as soon as we've flown it, we let you know!

More >

Advance IOTA Reviews

Reviews of the Advance IOTA paraglider.

The IOTA is the new XC class 'high-end EN B' wing from Advance Paragliders. It's designed to fit between the Progression class 'easy EN B' EPSILON 7 and the Advanced class EN C rated SIGMA 9 in their range of paragliders.

Getting Into Acro Paragliding

Acro paragliding looks exciting, but how do you learn to do it? What is a freestyle wing? And where are the best sites to try out the acro moves? Greg Hamerton discusses getting into acro on the Niviuk F-Gravity 2 and shares some hair-raising videos ... More >

Sup'Air EONA: first impressions

We were excited to receive the new EN A wing for new pilots by Sup'Air, the EONA, for testing. Although Sup'Air has been manufacturing paragliding equipment since 1984 (!) they are relatively very new to the wing market, launching their first paraglider, the tandem SORA, in early 2014. Carlo was very impressed by the SORA, and it has been a great success with tandem pilots around the world, so we were keen to see what Sup'Air would come up with their first EN A wing. More »

XC Secrets: Learning From Tracklogs

You only get one chance to fly the line you choose to fly. But what if you could go back, and analyse the decision? Consider the alternatives? Compare with others? You can ... with a tracklog!

In this multi-part series, Flybubble team pilot Phil Clark explains how you can learn a lot from analysing your flight tracklogs. Part one explains how to view your flight data by getting it out of your instrument and on to your computer, uploading it to an online XC league, and downloading the Google Earth (GE) file. Part two explains how to get more out of your tracklogs with GE, understanding the different file types, and drawing lessons from from them. Part three looks at multi-coloured traces. Part four draws more tracklog lessons. Part five investigates ways to learn from others in competitions and XCs.

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