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Paragliding Safety: Preflight Checks

It's easy to become distracted and forget the Preflight Checks, but they could save your life!

Here's a simple reminder of the most important things to look out for when launching a paraglider ... More >

XC Secrets: Learning From Tracklogs

You only get one chance to fly the line you choose to fly. But what if you could go back, and analyse the decision? Consider the alternatives? Compare with others? You can ... with a tracklog! More >

Light Equipment: The Complete Guide

Lightweight kit makes you more adventurous when going cross country. It inspires you to hike up peaks, just to fly down. It packs down small and makes travel a pleasure.

In this article we will try to assemble a complete lightweight flying solution that offers you the best from the latest designs.

We will consider harnesses, backpacks, reserves, helmets, instruments and wings; all the elements that combine to form an ideal lightweight kit.

Niviuk Kougar 2 PPG wing review

Flybubble's Chief Flying Instructor, Carlo Borsattino had the opportunity to test fly Niviuk's Kougar 2, a new reflex powered paragliding (PPG) wing aimed at experienced paramotor pilots who, to quote Niviuk, are: "... looking for fast, powerful and reliable wings enabling them to reach their goals".

After such an excellent paragliding cross country flying season in the UK this year, it'd been quite a while since Carlo last flew a paramotor.

Here are his first impressions >

Traffic Rules: Thermalers vs Soarers

What happens when you're ridge soaring, and someone thermals into you? Who has right of way? And what should you do? We analyse a common traffic problem and offer a strategy to solve it here >

Coupe Icare 2014 Roundup

Apart from being a spectacle for the 10,000 visitors, the Coupe Icare is the largest trade show for freeflight equipment. Flybubble visited the top brands and discovered what's new, what's hot ... and what's coming next! More >

Syride SYS'Nav review | Skywings Magazine

Following the success of their SYS'One micro vario, SYS'Alti alti-vario and SYS'GPS alti-vario-GPS, Syride have released a new top of the range all-in-one flight instrument, the SYS'Nav, with additional competition and cross country functionality.

So, what's the SYS'Nav like to use? Andrew Craig gave it a good test and wrote up what he found in Skywings magazine. More »

XC Tales: The Class War

On 23/24 August 2014, two teams met to decide once and for all, who was better: Hang gliders or paragliders? Find out more >

Understanding the CIVL Competition Class

From 1 January 2015, the new definition for competition paragliders becomes effective. What is the new CCC specification and how will this affect paraglider design? Find out more >

Naviter Oudie 3 Tips

The Oudie 3 is a powerful all-in-one flight instrument which has been specially designed for freeflight pilots. Although it can be used straight out of the box, even by new pilots, you really need to spend some time reading the Oudie 3 manual and getting used to how it all works to get the most out of it - just like any other flight instrument or software! The following info, compiled by Flybubble crew, is meant as a supplement to this.

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